Day 0 – Happily, Ever Afterr

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Once upon a time, in a metaverse not-so far away, a young (ish), beautiful (?) maiden (hah!) embarked upon a journey to rediscover the magical kingdom of Second Life by transforming into a creature so formidable, so feared, that we dare only speak its name in hushed tones.

She became … a newbie.


You know, some might say I have the tiniest flair for the dramatic. ;)

And so it begins! Welcome to the blog of Miss EverAfterr Resident, my newly-born alt in Second Life. I’m a bit of a wildling in that I’ve only ever experienced Second Life on a “main” account, and mine dates back to the mid-2000s thanks to an invitation a lovely friend who was an early adopter, and later a prolific creator, in-world. I found myself charmed by its potential and possibilities, and I would visit this new Life for several long stretches over the years. But when 2015 rolled around and I found my way back again for the first time in a long while, I logged in and felt – both literally and figuratively – completely lost.

Second Life is an ever-shifting microcosm of people and places: where your favorite club from this week can disappear the next; where your friends list often becomes a monument to those who once existed, versus a testament to those who live. Some things change rapidly, and others at a seemingly glacial pace – but the evolution is always there, both behind the scenes and right up in your face. It’s exciting and confusing and endlessly compelling, but Second Life also has the ability to overwhelm even those who have been within its membership ranks for years. And so it was that I wandered around and realized that my inventory was wildly out of date, most of my many and varied landmarks no longer worked, and my friends list was populated entirely by ghosts: RL-to-SL friends who’d long stopped logging in, and souls met in-world whose profiles belied neglect, some even making it clear that they’d decided to leave this Life behind permanently.

To any brand new members who may be reading this, please don’t let the transient and transitional nature of Second Life be a dissuasion to you. The reality is that SL is many things to many people (“Your world, your imagination” is the tagline, after all) – it just happens that a place of permanence isn’t always one of those things. But the good news is that the world is always ripe for reinvention, and that’s exactly what I decided to do: to explore, and begin to once again adore, this long-time fascination of mine with a fresh perspective and a fresh start.

So today, EverAfterr Resident was born.

And a blog as well, because why not? My own RSS feed reader is subscribed to over 80 Second Life related blogs (yes, I’m proudly geeklicious), and as a long-time lover of writing and words, I liked the idea of having a touchstone to share my thoughts, experiences and adventures as a “veteran rookie” back in the metaverse. I hope my adventures make for interesting reads for both new and long-time residents alike, and comments are always welcome. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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