Achievement Unlocked!

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Ever’s Age: 4 days
Balance: $L617

So there I was last night at the portal: just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. In the other window, I had my browser trained to the MP site, and I was using the tricks from my Second Life Marketplace Tips post to find some freebies. I figured it would be nice to have a small cache of avatar goodies on hand when I hit the mainland, so I could immediately find a sandbox and get out of my itchy default mesh skin. (Seriously, they’re the worst!)

I was also enjoying chatting with new members, helping one who somehow got herself stranded under water, and another who desperately wanted to jump around – in the manner of House of Pain, one hopes! – only to discover that the “jump” hotkey is inexplicably disabled on Learning Island. Then Bee sent me an IM asking if I knew of places to find group gifts, which inspired me to whip up a quick notecard with SLURLs, group recommendations, and blog links that would be helpful to new residents. (If anyone reading this would like a copy, please feel free to message EverAfterr Resident in-world and I’ll be happy to send it to you!)

And that’s when it happened.

Remember back when I was a wee 1 day old and I photographed myself at the portal with the cheeky declaration that I’d made it all the way there without being propositioned for pixel sex? Ahhh, those days of innocence. And so it was there, standing stoically on Learning Island and realizing that I was quickly out-aging everyone else in my vicinity, that I chuckled to myself and thought that maybe I’d just stay put until I got some e-peen after all. Not 15 minutes later:

Him: You have a good butt.
Me: Hehe, thanks. Is there anything you need help with?
Him: I like your tits.
Me: =P
Him: Can we have sex on this thing?
Me: Um, not *here* but once you go through the portal you can use the Places search and find tons of sexytime spots.
Him: Thanks. I go now.
Poofs immediately through the portal.
Me: … Stay classy!

Dammit. Now I really DO have to leave this Island. ;)

2 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked!

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