The Weekly Peek: May 11th Edition

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Whoops! I meant to get this post published on Sunday, but time got away from me. So Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the mums and moms out there in the real and virtual worlds! 💗

It’s been a fantastic first week back in Second Life. To be true, I’ve spent far more time outside SL than in, but I hope to have more free time to explore the grid this coming week. I’m starting to work on some fun projects including detailed round-ups of freebie hairs and skins (to be updated on a consistent basis, time-willing) as well as a curated calendar for interesting, newbie-friendly gatherings and events to check out in-world. I’m excited to dive in!

First things first though: thank you SO much to everyone who has visited, followed, and/or commented on my blog over these last 10 days. (It feels like time just flew by, wow!) It means the world to me that people are enjoying my concept and content, and I look forward to engaging with you all more and more as time goes on. To that end, I’ve got some social media accounts up and running which I’d love for you to check out – and of course, I’m happy to follow back:

EverAfterr on Flicker
@EverAfterrSL on Twitter

Thinking of setting up a Google+ account next, and I’m still contemplating Plurk and Facebook, although I’m irritated by the latter’s insistence that people only use “real names” on their profiles, and that avatar-based accounts may be deleted without notice. There looks to be a vibrant Facebook community for SL residents though, so it may be worth a look anyway. It just seems silly that our viewers have a built-in “send snapshot to Facebook” capability, and yet the FB overlords don’t seem keen on having us amongst their ranks. Boo to that!

In blog news, I finally wrote a proper bio page – About EverAfterr – and I massively expanded my blogroll and renamed it to Second Life Blogs & Resources, as there are just so many excellent sites to cite, I had to get all organized and fancy with it. That was a hella fun project! My RSS feed reader (the fantastic Feedly, which I adore with a burning and slightly inappropriate passion) is now subscribed to something like 112 different SL-related blogs, although a good number of them haven’t been updated for quite a while and may sadly have become defunct. But I’m always on the lookout for more (I would gladly and happily read blogs for a living if someone would kindly pay me for the privilege), so please never hesitate to leave a comment or similar with your blog link!

Nuff about me; what’s new in the Second Life community?

🔹 Xiola Linden posted in the official Second Life blog that the Lab is soliciting suggestions for the next in-world meetup, which takes place this Thursday (May 14th). I had no idea the Linden crew arranged meetups with members – what a cool idea! Here’s Xiola’s post, and she asks that destination recommendations be shared in this forum thread.

🔹 Linden Labs confirmed that the new platform’s working name is Project Sansar, and several of Second Life’s noteworthy bloggers have shared their thoughts on the name and its potential to shape and define the next generation virtual world. My decidedly banal observation was that the name reminds me of Sansa from Game of Thrones, because I’m a giant geek. Thankfully our community has wonderful writers like these who have offered their more candid and captivating thoughts: Canary Beck, Ella, Hamlet Au, Huckleberry Hax, Inara Pey, and Serendipidy Haven.

🔹 Ziki Questi toured SL with Eric Grundhauser from Atlas Obscura, a website that describes itself as “the definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places”. That they graciously have included Second Life in their wanderings is awesome to see! Ziki’s destination picks and photos are a perfect showcase for this unique virtual world of ours. Check out the Atlas Obscura article here.

🔹 Ella at The SL Naturist wrote a fantastic three part series on the new resident experience with a special emphasis on creating a great look for your avie on the cheap and her recommendations for newbie-friendly introductions to the SL Naturist community. A great read for both newbies and nudies alike!

🔹 Kara Trapdoor wrote an interesting and provocative commentary on role play prejudice in SL, which was inspired by a post in the Second Life Friends group on Facebook. It prompted discussion at both NWN and r/SecondLife on Reddit and is well worth a look.

🔹 And finally, the luminous Strawberry Singh just celebrated her 8th rezday in Second Life. Here’s to many more, Miss Berry! :)

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Peek: May 11th Edition

    Becky said:
    May 11, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Great round-up Ever :) Looking forward to more posts from you. It’d be cool to see you around Basilique sometime too – take care.

    Liked by 1 person

      Ever Afterr responded:
      May 11, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      Thank you kindly, Becky! Really enjoyed your thoughts on Sansar. I very much look forward to checking out Basilique, and thank you for sharing your Google Calendar. Just learning how to use them and it’s fantastic to be able to see the events line-up all in one place. :)


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