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Ever’s Age – 15 days
Balance – L$615

Excelsior! I’m halfway through my first month back in Second Life, and I’ve finally managed to open, try on, sort through, and organize my first wave of group gifts and freebies – just in time to fill ‘er up again with even more amazing finds. As it happens, I still have two weeks left to check out the FabFree 30 Days List, a curated collection of free avatar clothing, accessories, and more that generous brands have on offer specifically for members whose accounts are under a month old.

Tip: If you’re just joining Second Life, keep in mind that your account starts accumulating age from the day of your registration, not from the day of your first actual login to the grid. (So if you signup through the SL website on a Wednesday and don’t install the viewer until the weekend, for example, your account will have already accumulated a few days of age.) If you’d like to take advantage of limited time gifts like these, be sure to login and visit the locations in that list within your first 30 days!

As you can see from my balance above, I’ve still only spent L$2 but have virtually doubled my wardrobe thanks to the overwhelmingly generous group gifts that I wrote about the other day. Chapter Four has closed until the next round, but the other offers are available through at least May 20th, so if you happened to miss it, be sure to click here for the Freebie Finds post!

I’m incredibly impressed with the free gifts on offer from LaVian & Co, which is the brand from my freebies & gifts post whose VIP group normally costs several hundred L$ to join. The styles mainly run to cocktail or “smart casual” attire, which will be perfect for everyday grid-hopping and finally exploring SL’s nightlife – or daylife, as the case may be! LaVian & Co’s group gifts will give me lots of options, and one of my favorite things has been the versatility of breaking up the outfits (most of which come with HUDs offering several color choices) into their individual pieces. Pre-assembled looks are something I’ve rarely been partial to in Second Life – I don’t believe I’ve ever used the “Save Outfit” feature at all – so being able to swap out tops, skirts, pants, and so on that have been packaged together is something I’ll always give high marks to. I snapped the look below when I was doing exactly that during my opening and organizing extravaganza!

Project Funway
(Please click for a full-size image.)

Skin: Enfant – Chapter Four W2 (L$0 group gift, no longer available)
Eyeliner: Langly – Eyeliner #1 (L$0)
Lip Color: Tilly – Pink Lipstick 50% (L$0)
Eyes: Chus – Poppet Lenses in Ice (L$0)
Hair: Pr!tty – Sumi / Ombre 5 (L$0 group gift)
Top: LaVian & Co – Top of the World Outfit (L$0 group gift)
Jeans: LaVian & Co – Hey Sexy Jeans (L$0 group gift)
Shoes: Mekky’s – Laced & Buckled Ankle Boots (L$0)
Poses: SKBIO Animations – Sang (L$0 group gift, no longer available)
Wall Texture:  Dy’s Yardsale & Texture Shop Grunge Shaded Texture (L$0)
Floor Texture: Parquet Wood Floor Textures (L$0)

Speaking of exploring the grid, I had a lovely chat with my friend Bee, whom I met on Day 1 at the portal on Learning Island. She’s having an absolute blast in Second Life, having already found a community in-world that meets her interests and makes her feel welcome. I teased her that she was going to have to start showing me the ropes pretty soon! And then something may or may not have been said about one of us tying up the other, but I can’t remember how the rest of the conversation went so let’s get back to the subject at hand, hmmm? /me blushes.

Honestly though, I’m overjoyed to see someone who’s brand new to the virtual world immediately finding their unique niche. It was an apropos and welcome revelation given what’s transpired over the last week, with several noted community members expressing their beliefs that Second Life is dying, declining, or perhaps just experiencing the natural ebb and flow of its age along with lessening public awareness. None of this is troubling though: it’s just transitional and part of the evolution of the platform and its membership. I rejoined again, as many often do, and I’ve met several people in the last two weeks who were joining for the first time ever, as many still do. And sometimes it takes one of those fresh, new, clear-eyed souls to kick us in the pants and remind us to relish the time we have in this virtual world, on this unique platform.

Bee’s Second Life experiences thus far have reminded me that I don’t want to spend my time in-world doing the same thing I did for a month at a time, a week off and on, over the many years my old account existed. Namely: hanging out in a skybox or at a sandbox, sorting through and organizing my inventory, maybe having IM conversations, but otherwise remaining static. That’s a perfectly valid and enjoyable way that many people exist in Second Life, but I personally want to push outside my comfort zone. It’s like on Project Runway, when the contestants are pushed to create something extraordinary from the unconventional, or design a look that’s beyond their normal comfort zone. I’ve been tuned in and zoned out for too long, and as we’ve seen time and again over the years, the things you think will always be around in Second Life – like the long-standing and iconic builds or certain thoughtful and enigmatic creators – may be forever changed, or simply vanish completely. Seeing my friend so happily immersed in her community and interests have inspired me to try on a new style and get down to the wonderfully fun business (and “funny business”) of Second Living. :)

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