Ever Amaranthine

Hi there and hello! ♡

My name is Ever Amaranthine (in-world: EverAfterr Resident), and I was reborn into Second Life in Spring 2015. I was originally introduced to SL in the mid-2000s, and I peeked back in for stretches of time over the years, but I never quite found my place in the virtual world. When I learned a next generation platform (Project Sansar) was in development, my interest was piqued again. But my old account felt world-wise and weary, like it was lost in a different place and time.

I really wanted to rediscover all the wonderful things that I’d initially found so intriguing and fascinating about Second Life: the community and creativity; the exploration and imagination. So I said farewell to my veteran account, created a brand new avie, and immersed myself in the true-blue new member experience.

Happily, Ever Afterr is my place to share my wanderlusting discoveries, of both well-loved grid destinations and picturesque hidden gems. I also have a deep passion and appreciation for photography and virtual style. Messages, comments, and brand or destination suggestions are warmly welcomed! You may contact me through my Flickr profile, or please use the contact form below to send me a note directly.