Walking on the Sand

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The other day whilst enjoying some Flickr browsing (such a lovely way to bliss out, enjoying the amazing and inspiring virtual world photography shared there), I happened upon a picture by my friend Brandon which was accompanied by a song in the description. You find this quite often on Flickr, and I don’t always click but something sparked my curiosity, and I really enjoyed the song he linked to. Later, seeing another picture where his song was by an artist we both like, I cheekily hinted about the potential for photo inspired by a tune she had covered. He met the challenge brilliantly, and it really motivated me to try something similar.

The lovely Sand Dunes sim provided a perfect backdrop for my photos, which were inspired by the song linked below them. I think I may start looking to my music library for inspiration more often, as I’ve really been immersed in music lately, rotating between Spotify, Google Play Music, 8tracks and Songza. Always on the lookout for the ideal streaming music service that provides an extensive library of music, as well as awesome curated playlists and radio stations that populate music based on a song or artist seed. (Pandora is wonderful, but those skip limits just kill me!) If you have a favorite, I’d love to know in the comments! ♥

Walking on the Sand
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Ever Afterr
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♫ Song Spark


Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / Lara Hurley | Ale Midtone | Group Gift
Moles / Glam Affair | Mokatana – Moles 1
* Hair / Besom | Zim – Fade Dye HUD
Eyes / Avi-Glam | Premium Eyes – Grey v2 | SL Marketplace
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
* Eyeshadow / Nova Bodyshop | Skylar Eyeshadow – 002 | IDK Event, through September 10th
Nails / alaskametro<3 | Metallic Pack – Pastels Silver (Maitreya, Slink, Eve & Omega Appliers) | SL Marketplace


* Sunglasses / KC Couture | Vogue Sunglasses – Worn on Head
* Earrings / ERSCH | Lace Earrings – White | Classically Kinky Event, through August 31st
* Jewelry / LUXE | LePearl Bangle & Rings – Silver | Kustom9 Event, through September 10th
* Outfit / Salt & Pepper | Kiara Romper – Ocean | Tres Chic Event, through September 5th
Shoes / Pure Poison | Arlequin Pumps – Light Gray (for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink High feet)

Poses & Destination

Poses / Bounce This Poses | Mega Pose Pack HUD – Destiny 4M & Candy 2
Location / Sand Dunes

Walkin’ After Midnight

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Sneaking in one final post to celebrate items from the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, which wraps up in the evening of Friday, August 21st. This will be an uber-shorty as you don’t need to read my jibba-jabba when there’s limited time shopping afoot (or whichever mesh body part strikes your fancy!) Please enjoy! ♥

Walkin' After Midnight
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Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / AlterEgo | Daya – Almond (Brown Brows)
* Hair / Besom | India – Fade Dye HUD | Collabor88 Event, through September 6th
Eyes / Avi-Glam | Radiant Eyes – Jungle | SL Marketplace
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
* Lips / Nova Bodyshop | Grace Lipstick – 001 (LeLutka, TMP, Kissers, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam & Sweet Lips appliers + system tattoo layers) | Totally Top Shelf Event, through August 22nd
Tattoo / Things | Paziah White – Faded (Belleza, TMP, Slink & Omega appliers + system tattoo layers)


* Mask / ERSCH | Lace Mask (White) | Gacha Item at the Classically Kinky Event, through August 31st
* Dress / Dollle | 113 Silk Cami Nightdress – Beige | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st
* Shoes / Essenz | Bucharest Heels (for Maitreya & Slink high feet) | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st

Poses & Destination

* Pose / Signature Pose | Sophie – 003
Location / Wanderstill

Apple Blossoms

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Although there are still more than six weeks of summertime left, and the place I call home in First Life will be experiencing summer-like temperatures through October and beyond, I simply cannot resist a beautiful, autumnal apple orchard. It immediately brings back memories of my New York childhood, growing up in the land of the cidery, where sun-warmed apples could be eaten straight off the tree, and the smell of freshly-baked cinnamon donuts perfumed the air with their intoxicating delights.

Apple Blossoms
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Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / Lumae | Fae 3 – Rosy Bare (Freck/GingBrow) | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st
Hair / Moon | Common Burn – Variety HUD
Eyes / Inkheart | Emotional Eyes – Hope (S)
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
* Eyeliner / Nova Bodyshop | Becca Eyeliner – 002
Lips / Eyelure | Kiss Me – Peach


* Headpiece / ERSCH | Flower Field Hair Accessory – Red
* Jewelry / ForeverFamous | Crystal Necklace (Lotus) – Gold | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st
* Dress / Salt & Pepper | Lilian Dress & Bracelet | Shiny Shabby Event, through August 15th
* Shoes / Infliction | Affair Wedge (for Maitreya, Belleza & Slink High) – Faun | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st

Poses & Destination

* Pose / Kirin | Keiko – Pose 1
Location / Nouveaux

I spied this gorgeous little apple tree patch while I was visiting the Nouveaux sim, and couldn’t resist using it as the setting for my picture today. I really adore when shopping-centric sim designers go the extra mile and beautifully landscape and decorate their sim; it truly adds something special to the experience!

I’m wearing the wonderfully feminine Lilian Dress and Bracelet Set by Salt & Pepper, which comes in 6 unique color/pattern pairings and may be found at Shiny Shabby through August 15th. And I’m continuing to be dazzled by the items on offer at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, which includes my freckled-to-perfection Fae skin by Lumae, the delicate Crystal Lotus Necklace by ForeverFamous, and the fabulous Affair Wedges by Infliction, which come in 10 colors for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink High feet.

I’m having a lovely August so far; I hope you are as well! I’m continuing to add events to my Second Life Fashion Events Calendar, and as always if there’s an event you’d like to see added, please leave a comment on that page or drop a notecard on me in-world with all the details. And be sure to visit the new round of Colabor88 (if you can manage to get in!) as I’ve seen some of the previews and this 4th anniversary spectacular round is looking to be absolutely legendary. Enjoy! ♥


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Hey there, my darlings! Going to keep this one a bit brief, as I’ve only just got time to show you the fullness of this gorgeous outfit before the time on the event runs out. (I need to clone myself so I can post multiple times a day; so many spectacular events and mainstore releases to celebrate!) So have a gander and visit the SLURLs below to get yourself over to this truly unique gacha event before the current round is fini!

Ever Afterr
Please click for full size.
Please click for full size.

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / L’Etre | Jessica Skin – Golden Tone (with optional freckles) | WearHouse Event, through August 28th
* Hair / Besom | Jackson – Fade Dye HUD | N21 Event, through August 10th
Eyes / Avi-Glam | Premium Eyes – Green v2 | SL Marketplace
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
Eyeliner / Glam Affair | Couture Eyeliner No. 02
Lips / Bonita | Tinted Lip Gloss – Strawberry Lips | SL Marketplace
Nails / alaskametro<3 | Metallic Pack – Pastels Gold (Maitreya, Slink, Eve & Omega Appliers) | SL Marketplace
* Tattoo / SwaggedOut | Athena Tattoo (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP & Omega Appliers + system tattoo layers) | WearHouse Event, through August 28th

* Headpiece / ERSCH | Lilly Half-Wreath – White
* Jewelry / Salt & Pepper | Jungle Bangles & Earrings | Gacha Items at The Epiphany, through August 4th
* Outfit / Salt & Pepper | Jungle Top & Skirt – Purple | Gacha Items at The Epiphany, through August 4th
Shoes / REIGN | Avian Sandals – White (Maitreya, Belleza, TMP & Slink Flat feet; 6 feather colors in HUD)

Poses & Destination
Pic 1 / Chisa Creation | Winter Pack 2014 – # 18 | L$1 on SL Marketplace
Pic 2 / Chisa Creation | Winter Pack 2012 – # 10 | L$1 on SL Marketplace
Location / The Vineyard at Checkmate

Dazzling gacha fans with a truly unique experience are the fabulous crew behind The Epiphany event, going on through August 4th. Here’s a quick summary of how the event works (a more complete guide may be found in this Flickr post):

When you rez an item, you will get the option to either turn it in for points, or to keep it. You will be able to trade these points in for purchasable exclusives.

– Commons trade in for 1 point
– Rares trade in for 3 points

With 25 points you can purchase 1 “no transfer” exclusive item from any of the creators at the event.

The fabulous Jungle set that I’m wearing by Salt & Pepper includes several of those lovely gacha prizes, and if you happened to be pulling on the machine and received a duplicate, or perhaps received an item in a color that wasn’t to your fancy, you could then opt to trade it in for points. And the best part is that you can rollover up to 100 points until the next round of The Epiphany, if you’d rather keep them for future trades. How wonderful! This is exactly the type of system I had hoped existed when I first learned about gachas, and I’m thrilled that the team at The Epiphany have brought it to fruition. But hurry if you’d like to play: the current round is only on through August 4th!

A couple more lovely things to mention: the dreamy, perfectly wispy braid by Besom, which is exclusive to the N21 event through August 10th. It’s hard for me to quit that gorgeous Fade Dye color HUD, and I think this hair color matched so well with the beautiful and tropical Lilly Half-Wreath by ERSCH. And I’m so in love with the Avian Sandals by REIGN, which come with 6 unique feather colors in the HUD. They were part of the recent Saturday Sale, where all flat sandals in the shop were priced at a mere L$50 per pair. Incredible! All apologies that I didn’t have a chance then to post about it, as I only just learned of it in the nick of time and it was a one day sale only. To keep up with the flash sales of Second Life, join the Fifty Linden Fridays and Saturday Sale groups in-world. You’ll be informed every week of all the wonderful goods on offer, with SLURLS and vendor pics for easy planning. I highly recommend it!

Off to snatch some rest for now; have a wonderful time at The Epiphany, or if gacha’s not your thing, be sure to check out the all new WearHouse event that’s on through August 28th. The delicate tattoo and absolutely gorgeous skin I’m wearing are both from the event by SwaggedOut and L’Etre, respectively. These two designers are new to me, and I’m really loving them both. Enjoy! ♥

The Stars Are Projectors

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Welcome to August! We just had our first major rainstorm of the season last night and it was oh, so nice! It made this post even more perfectly timed, as it’s a predominantly cool color palette with rich grays and stone influences, all things that make me think of a rain-soaked city and rolling, rumbling thunder. Featuring items from Cosmopolitan, Illusion Point, Shiny Shabby and Manga Fair!

The Stars Are Projectors
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Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / Essences | Aribeth Seasons 02 – Medium 01 Brunette
Hair / Little Bones | Queen – Duo Tone HUD | Group Gift
Eyes / Avi-Glam | Destiny Eyes – Grey (S) | Free on SL Marketplace
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
Eyeliner / Glam Affair | Couture Eyeliner No. 02
Lips / Pink Fuel | Glossy Pout Lipstick – Love (Light Tones)
* Tattoo / What 2 Wear | Tattoo W2W.0.8 – Faded (Maitreya, Belleza & Slink Appliers + system tattoo layers) | SL Marketplace

* Headpiece / ERSCH | Samurai Head Piece
* Necklace / Secret Love | Goddess Necklace (4 metals in HUD) | Manga Fair, through August 9th
* Dress / Figment | Nemesis Dress – Silver/Black | Illusion Point Event, through August 18th
* Shoes / KC Couture | Onyx Platforms (Maitreya, Belleza, Eve, TMP & Slink High Feet)

* Kirin / Maki Poses – Pose 1

* Skybox / cinphul | Pluto II Skybox | Cosmopolitan Event, through August 2nd
* Bed / Little Llama | Bed Under the Stairs – White
* Candlesticks / Paper Moon / Ornate Candlesticks & Candles | Illusion Point Event, through August 18th
* Chair (Right) / 22769 – Bauwerk / Demon Chair – Stone/White Leather | Illusion Point Event, through August 18th
* Quilts / cinphul / Memaw’s Quilts – Dingy 3 (x2), Summer 4 | Shiny Shabby Event, through August 15th
Chair (Left) / floorplan | Lazy Chair for Seraphim | Past Event Gift
Star Machine / Ex Machina | Kopernikus Star Machine | Past Event Gift
Stringlights / Half-Deer / Flower Stringlights – Curved

I’ve spoken before about the uncanny trickery that designers have displayed, seemingly reading my mind and releasing something fabulous right when I was looking for it. It happened once more with this wonderful skybox by cinphul, available at the current round of Cosmopolitan. I had been using a rather bare-bones skybox I’d snagged as a freebie from the SL Marketplace, so I was thrilled to find that the Pluto II model has a really clever design that allows it to fit my tiny, rectangular 512 sqm plot perfectly. (I think it’s called a parallelogram, if my memory of grade school geometry is accurate? But I just think of it as a “slanty diamond”!) Two walls are frosted glass, whilst the others have cool-toned, rustic textures. Check it out at Cosmopolitan, but be sure to get over there by August 2nd!

For a perfect pop of color, cinphul also came through with the Memaw’s Quilts collection on offer at Shiny Shabby. There are seven unique colors/prints to choose from, and you get six varieties in each pack – from perfectly draped options to quilts specifically meant for wall-hanging. My other wonderful, event-exclusive decor items may be found at Illusion Point, and they include the striking modern-fantasy design of the Demon Chairs by 22769 – Bauwerk (available in 3 different material options – carbon, metal and stone – and the colors black and white), as well as the perfectly sleek Ornate Candlesticks & Candles by Paper Moon (6 metal colors and 7 candle colors).

My uniquely charming bed was originally showcased at the Wizarding Faire, but it should now be available for purchase at Little Llama‘s mainstore, and it’s absolutely lovely! I really wanted some pops of pure white in this room, and I think it worked out beautifully. And I was rapt to find a truly unusual item in my inventory: the Kopernikus Star Machine by Ex Machina, which I believe was an event gift from the last round of We Love Roleplay. I didn’t see it in creator Hattie Panacek’s Marketplace store, but perhaps if you sweet-talk her nicely, she’ll offer it up for sale. Really is a beautiful piece that projects a bevy of soft, rotating stars on the walls, ceiling and floor of my skybox whenever I fancy!

And you know I couldn’t go long without chattin’ about fashion! My dress was just perfect for this picture – another stroke of wonderful luck! – and it’s the Nemesis by Figment. A beautifully dipped neckline, flirty hem and a stone-like cinch at the waist and I feel like an exotic, modern goddess of thunder! I was also dazzled by the gorgeous Samurai Head Piece by ERSCH, which comes in two separate attachments so you can get a perfect alignment and fit. I wasn’t sure if perhaps it was more of a bold, editorial piece than something practical, but I wore it around as I visited several Fifty Linden Fridays stores, and I really loved watching it bob along with my walk and how striking it looked. I’ve heard that every girl needs a great piece of statement jewelry, and I suppose you could say an accessory like this one will really turn some heads! ;)

I’m off to snatch some rest before a whirlwind of Mesh Body Addicts Fair coverage begins! The event kicked off today, and will be another one that’s may be very difficult to access in the early days, but your patience will certainly pay off once you get there, believe me. Hope you saved up for this month’s events, because in the words of my lovely Aussie friends, there are some real crackers! ♥