I’ll Take You on a Trip

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One of the things I love most about following and engaging with fellow SL bloggers is learning about their process for creating looks and capturing photographs. The other evening, my lovely friend Gia Swizzle sent me a message and asked what I was up to, and I said I was spiriting around the grid, looking for a country-esque region to take a picture at. She graciously sent me some suggestions, but as it happened I’d just landed at Bella Pace, turned the camera around, and found the exact vista I’d been hoping for. So yes, dear reader, I totally was that terrible soul who stands on the landing point and forces all others to rez in on her head. So rude! I mean, I did move slightly out of the way, but I offer my sincere apologies to the few intrepid explorers who showed up and essentially landed on my bosoms. … Actually, what am I saying about apologies? You’re welcome, more like! ;)

I'll Take You on a Trip
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“We have gone to the country, in your old car
We have lost our way, so many times
Hello, hello
I’ll take you on a trip …”


Maitreya Body – Lara v3.5
Genesis Lab Head & Skin – Melissa
Damien Fate Eyelashes – FATELashes v2.0
Murray Hair – Georgina (Reds HUD) New Release *
Inkheart Eyes – Spring Eyes (Goldish)
Shiny Stuffs Lipstick – Soft Lips Applier (for Genesis Lab heads)

Style & Pose

Ariskea Necklace – Berwood Pendant
TETRA Jacket – Leather Jacket with Hoodie (Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass & Slink Physique) New Release @ Uber, through June 23rd *
Addams Jeans – Ginger Boyfriend Jeans with Belt (Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya / Isis / Venus, Slink Original & Hourglass, and Standard Sizes)
Fri. Shoes – Izzie Sandals (in Buck for Maitreya Flat & Slink Flat)
Label Motion Pose – Berry Pose 1

Destination & Inspiration

✈ Sights: Bella Pace
🎧 Sounds: Cocoon – Chupee

So because I find the creative process so fascinating, here’s a glimpse at the weird, wandering, wonderful way this picture came about. It starts with my inspiration, the song “Chupee” by the French band Cocoon. I’ve adored it for years; a lovely tune strummed on a ukulele with lilting harmonies, and lyrics that are charmingly simple and sweet. One of the phrases has always puzzled me, though: “Eating your Chupa Chups …” What was a Chupa Chups, I wondered? Finally I decided to find out, and it happens that Chupa Chups is a brand of lollipops and confections from Spain.

Spain brought to mind the lush vistas of Mediterranean countries, so next I started thinking back to pictures I’d seen on Flickr that might meet that unique landscape. While I was doing so, I began putting my look together, feeling inspired by the “dress for comfort” leanings of the RL Ever, and thinking about what I might wear on a picturesque day trip. The wonderful TETRA Leather Jacket & Hoodie at the current round of Uber was perfect, and the amount of color-change options between the jacket, hoodie, and optional sweater in the HUD is truly extraordinary. I adore a pair of worn, well-loved jeans, so the Ginger Boyfriend Jeans from Addams worked out beautifully, and as my freedom-loving toesies live in sandals year ’round, the Izzie Sandals by Fri were the perfect addition.

And that once more brings me to my fortuitous landing at Bella Pace, where I found this beautiful sight right over my shoulder. What followed was about two hours of fiddling with poses and windlights, taking pictures, making the composite in Photoshop, editing the final picture, and now a few days later I’m finally writing the post. Sometimes I feel strong tuggings of envy and awe toward prolific bloggers who are able to produce amazing photographs and detailed posts much more frequently. But I try not to worry that I don’t measure up, because we all have our special sauce that sets our words, our pictures, and our blogs apart. It’s why I happily follow dozens (if not hundreds) of SL-related blogs, yet I don’t feel myself growing weary of seeing similar items; we all style them differently, and both literally and figuratively, we all look through a different lens.

So I hope this little peek into my own process has been interesting; now I’d love to read about yours! Take me on a trip? ♡

Birthday Wish

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It’s my First Life birthday! Today I turn 25 … again (and again). Such a joy and a pleasure for time to kindly allow me to stay at this tender age for another year more. ♡

Speaking of time, I reached back into my youthful memories and thought about a game I used to play when I was younger: if I could have anything at all for my birthday, what would it be? My desires back then were generally superficial and simple: I wanted to be shorter, to have blonde hair, to look just like Becky Leigh (the petite, honey-haired heartbreaker who was the recipient of every boy’s “Do you like me? Circle YES or NO” missives). These days, I’m glad to say my desires are more esoteric and thoughtful, though no more achievable. Simply put: if I could have anything at all for my birthday, I would have more time.

Birthday Wish
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“All the words are calling
Got time on my own
There’s no destination
Wondering whether I’ll feel it again …
Take some time, just hang around awhile
Like to sit this silent moment out
I don’t want to lose or let you down
Time’s just gonna change itself around …”

My picture was taken at the beautiful Follow Your Bliss region, a perfectly named and wonderfully picturesque place with many lovely scenes and sights to explore. I was particularly fond of the Gone to the Beach sign, as that pure expression of “I’m taking a day off just for me” is something that I haven’t done in a long, long while. Time has been an elusive and evasive entity of late, slip-sliding through my hands like sand through a sieve. And just as in the song’s lyrics, I don’t want to lose anything or let anyone down, but standing on the dawn of a new year in my life, I know that changes have to be made. After all, you know you have an issue with time management when you’re frustrated with yourself that you’re once more getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, rather than the 4 hour naps you were subsisting on. I like to say that I can sleep when I’m dead, but I’d rather get to that point with a leisurely stroll, and not by face-desking after a 70 hour SL-and-Flickr bender. Although I’m sure there are worse ways to go. ;)

So my hope is that I can be gentle with myself and take a breather and a reminder that things can wait for a day; putting yourself first is self-care, not unkindly selfish. But if any of you does happen to have some pull with Father Time, would you sweet-talk him into sparing a few hours for me? ♡


Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
* Hair // Sharon (Dark Blondes HUD) by Murray
* Eyes // Ardent Eyes (Olive v2) by Avi-Glam


Top // Ruhi Layered Blouse (Rust) by Zaara
* Skirt // Mini Skirt with Front Pleat (Maitreya Fatpack) by TETRA for Uber, through June 23rd
Shoes // Faith Sandals (in Cherry for Maitreya Flat) by Fri.

Poses, Destination & Inspiration

* Poses // Pose Collection HUD 1.2 – Model 6 & Model 16 by Lyrium
Location // Follow Your Bliss
Song Spark // Zero 7 – In Time

Morning Meditation

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It’s really marvelous how genuinely, sublimely happy you can feel, even when life is just smoothly sailing along without any particular excitement, surprises, or razzle-dazzle. I think that’s the pinnacle of contentment: being happy where you are, but eager and welcoming for more.

It makes me think of my friends Kess and Chloe, both of whom have expressed wishing to explore the grid more, while so often finding themselves at familiar and comfortable locales. There is a certain bliss in the familiar, one that I most definitely feel myself, while also longing to indulge in my wanderlust. How often I wish for more hours in the day! But even though I’m barely sleeping and finding only rare, spare time for exploring, I’m still so keenly happy to be home again.

I had wondered and worried if perhaps Second Life might feel like it was falling into gentle decline, with Project Sansar nipping at our heels and untold new sights and experiences to explore. But for me, SL is like that amazing local coffee house or indie record store where you can go to relax, indulge in new finds or old favorites, and feel perfectly at ease. Even if I’m just standing in my skybox, naked but for a hairbase and a smile, I still feel contentment at being in and of the virtual world. ♡

Morning Meditation
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Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Hair // Ursula (Blondes 03) by TRUTH (Sale Room)
Eyes // Specular Eyes (Forest) by Avi-Glam
Nails // Diva (Gold) by alaskametro<3


Head Circlet // Pearl Drop Headpiece (Gold) by Amala
Jewelry // Body Jewelry (Gold) by Apple May Designs for We <3 Roleplay, through May 31st
Ring by // Sweet Rose Ring (Gold) by Fawny
Dress // Tropical Maxi Dress (Fatpack) by Pixicat
Shoes // Faith Sandals (Cherry for Maitreya Flat) by Fri.

Pose & Destination

Poses // Loli 7 and Loli 1 by Imeka
Location // Luanda Angola

The Sweetest Thing

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Hiya, sweeties! This will be a quick post, as I’m a grumpy goose after fighting with my PC and Internet connection all night to get photos taken. Alas, I only captured the one but I hope it will suffice to show off these super charming items from Che Bella that may be found as gacha prizes at the Candy Fair, which is ongoing through July 17th!

The Sweetest Thing
Please click for full size.

* Che Bella / Sweet Dinette Set | Gacha Items at Candy Fair, through July 17th
Sweet Dinette – Ice Cream, Sweet Dinette Chair – Violet

* Che Bella / Travelling Confectionist Set | Gacha Items at Candy Fair, through July 17th
RARE Carriage Yellow, Display Case Violet, Shelf Mint
Sweet Pops, Chocolates 1 & 2, Candy Sticks, Ice Cream Float 1, Lollipops

Speaking of gachas, I’m thrilled to be blogging for MadPea, who have put together a Collector’s Event launching this weekend that will be offering both vintage MadPea memorabilia, as well as the opportunity to buy, sell and trade items with gacha collectors from all over the grid. Event visitors will also have the chance to snag a coveted “Golden Ticket” which will offer free, early access to the next MadPea game, The Collection. The MadPea Collector’s Market will be open from Friday, July 10th through Sunday, July 19th!

This truly is the ultimate event weekend, as these highly anticipated shopping faires, festivals, and events are ALL beginning within the next few days:

Indie Teepee: Friday, July 10th – 24th
The Seasons Story: Friday, July 10th – 31st
Oh My Gacha: Friday, July 10th – 31st
Hair Fair 2015: Saturday, July 11th – 26th
Wizarding Faire 2015: Sunday, July 12th – 25th

Please click to find a continuously-updated schedule with SLURLs: SL Fashion & Shopping Events

Exhausted yet? I know I surely am! I think it’s fair to say (or perhaps it’s “hair” to say) that Hair Fair 2015 is going to be one of the most jammed packed events of the year, and for good reason! An incredible wealth of hair brands will be represented at the event, many offering free hairstyles and/or accessories as gifts to event goers. But the generous free gifts aren’t even the best part:
every purchase made at the Hair Fair will donate a portion of proceeds to Wigs For Kids, a wonderful charity that creates wigs and hair replacement options for children who have lost their hair due to any number of medical issues.

There will even be an official “Bandana Day” on July 26th where participants are encouraged to remove their hair and purchase special, resident-created bandanas, with 100% of all bandana sales benefiting Wigs For Kids. Find out more at the official Hair Fair 2015 website, and don’t forget that you can gain access to hair demos from the comfort of your own virtual home by joining the Hair Fair Demos group in-world. Just paste this group address into your viewer’s Local Chat box to join: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about. Demo hairs are due to be sent out on July 10th, so prepare to be dazzled with an amazing selection of event-exclusive hairstyles!

Sheesh, even my “short” posts are wordy! :) So that’s enough from me; credits for my sugar-sweet, candy inspired look are below. I’m off to rest up before the weekend’s Eventstravaganza. Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week so far!

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / AlterEgo | Janae – Honey (Sweetness) | Oh My Gacha Event, July 10th – 31st
Hair / No.Match | No Tears – Bubblegum | Group Gift
Eyes / InkHeart | Doll Eyes – Green Love
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eylashes – Upper & Lower
Eyeliner / Glam Affair | Couture Eyeliner No. 02

* Crown / Secret Love | Princess Crown
* Piercing / Secret Love | Septum Ring
* Top / CNZ | Lulu Minidress – Pink | To Be Outsider Event, through July 31st
* Pants / MMC | Candy Pants – Pink (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP & Omega Appliers + System Layers)
Shoes / Fri. | Opal Heels – Antique (Maitreya)

Blue Belle

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Happy Independence Day to all of my lovely American friends! And for those who live outside of the USA, happy 4th of July anyway because it’s Saturday and that’s always a time to celebrate! Unless you’re one of those fancy Australian peeps who lives in the future, where it’s Sunday already. In that case, I really wish you’d get around to divining my lottery numbers so I can afford to buy out the delicious sales and events going on this month!

Speaking of which, an amazing number of brands are having special sales this weekend (some extend through the end of July; dates are included below). This is by no means all of the holiday sales, but these are all the ones I had bookmarked, spied on Flickr, or received as notecards in-world. Don’t blame me if you’re absolutely broke by Monday!

❖ Ariskea – 50% off everything, through July 15th
❖ Black Tulip – 50% off pose sets, couples & groups; through July 5th
❖ BYRNE – 50% off everything, through July 5th
❖ ColdLogic & Fate – 50% off everything, through July 5th
❖ Dark Passions & Koffin Nails – 40% off (excluding gachas and discounts), through July 17th
❖ Du Jour – 50% off everything, through July 11th
❖ Fetch – 50% off everything, through July 31st
❖ Heydra – 40% off everything and free VIP group join, through July 5th
❖ HollyHood – 50% off everything, through July 29th
❖ LOULOU&CO – 50% off everything, through July 13th
❖ mpc. – 50% off all accessories, through July 5th
❖ Nantra – 50% off all pose sets, through July 5th
❖ Petite Mort – 30% to 50% off everything, ends July 6th
❖ Pin Me Down – 50% off everything (including gachas), through July 5th
❖ Rowne – 50% off flash sale, end date unknown
❖ Salt & Pepper – 50% off everything, through July 5th
❖ YumYums – closing sale ($L25 and up), through July 31st

Blue Belle
Please click for full size.

I may be missing the red and white from my look today, but I’ve definitely got the blue covered! This lush, chic dress is by db Dollz and is exclusive to The Showroom event through July 11th. It comes in six colors, and I was head-over-heels for the rich, sapphire blue tone. Blue is my favorite color, and I just don’t wear it often enough in-world, which is an inexcusable crime! The soft ruching is a lovely detail, and I have to adore a dress that can easily be dressed up or down, and is both sexy and chic. All of the rawrs! ♥

My sweet accessory is another event exclusive: the Ribbons & Pearls necklace by Secret Love may be found at the FAD Fashion Event through July 25th. As always with Faylinn’s lovely designs, you have several metal, ribbon and gem colors in the HUD to choose from. My eyes and nails are two free Marketplace finds from TSM and By Snow, and I love the pops of purple to compliment the blues. I’m sure with that, my lavender-loving friend Holly will insist that I’m once again attempting to be an enabler, but my only response to that is: “What do you mean attempting?” /me grins cheekily

Blue Belle
Please click for full size.

My prop is by Something New Poses n’ Props, and is specifically designed to show off shoes, which I just love! I’m using a built-in pose in my 1st pic, and the pose in my 2nd pic is by Signature Pose and is exclusive to the My Slink Obsession event, which kicks off on July 5th. Between all the ongoing and upcoming fashion events, and the weekend and month-long sales, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to offset a frenetic holiday with a heapin’ dose of retail therapy!

One final thing to sneak in: today is the final day to check out the unique, creative, dazzling builds at the Second Life Community Celebration sims. If you need some guidance on the not-to-be-missed exhibits, please visit my SL12B Event Roundup, the official SL12B website, or the Flickr photo pool for inspiration! Me, I’m off to collapse into bed and get a nice rest before the day’s festivities. Have a wonderful weekend, one and all! ♥

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / Belleza | Eva – SK FLF | Fifty Linden Fridays (Past)
Hair / Magika | Dots – HUD 03
Eyes / TSM | Crystal Eyes – Purple | Free on SL Marketplace
Lashes / ACD | Eye Lashes 4 | SL Marketplace
Eyeliner / Arte | Cat Eyes Eyeliner – Long | SL Marketplace
Lips / alaskametro<3 | Light Lipgloss – Blush | SL Marketplace
Nails / By Snow | Maitreya Crystalline Nail Applier | Free on SL Marketplace
Tattoo / Seventy-5 | Full Floral Tattoo for Maitreya | SL Marketplace

* Necklace / Secret Love | Ribbons and Pearls Necklace | FAD Fashion Event, through July 25th
* Dress / db Dollz | Scarllet Dress – Blue | The Showroom Event, through July 11th
Shoes / Fri. | Veronica Platforms – Black

* Pose 1 / Something New Poses n’ Props | Stairway to Shoes – Prop & Pose #1
* Pose 2 / Signature Pose | Ade – Pose 002 | My Slink Obsession Event, through July 22nd