Apple Blossoms

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Although there are still more than six weeks of summertime left, and the place I call home in First Life will be experiencing summer-like temperatures through October and beyond, I simply cannot resist a beautiful, autumnal apple orchard. It immediately brings back memories of my New York childhood, growing up in the land of the cidery, where sun-warmed apples could be eaten straight off the tree, and the smell of freshly-baked cinnamon donuts perfumed the air with their intoxicating delights.

Apple Blossoms
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Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / Lumae | Fae 3 – Rosy Bare (Freck/GingBrow) | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st
Hair / Moon | Common Burn – Variety HUD
Eyes / Inkheart | Emotional Eyes – Hope (S)
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
* Eyeliner / Nova Bodyshop | Becca Eyeliner – 002
Lips / Eyelure | Kiss Me – Peach


* Headpiece / ERSCH | Flower Field Hair Accessory – Red
* Jewelry / ForeverFamous | Crystal Necklace (Lotus) – Gold | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st
* Dress / Salt & Pepper | Lilian Dress & Bracelet | Shiny Shabby Event, through August 15th
* Shoes / Infliction | Affair Wedge (for Maitreya, Belleza & Slink High) – Faun | Mesh Body Addicts Fair, through August 21st

Poses & Destination

* Pose / Kirin | Keiko – Pose 1
Location / Nouveaux

I spied this gorgeous little apple tree patch while I was visiting the Nouveaux sim, and couldn’t resist using it as the setting for my picture today. I really adore when shopping-centric sim designers go the extra mile and beautifully landscape and decorate their sim; it truly adds something special to the experience!

I’m wearing the wonderfully feminine Lilian Dress and Bracelet Set by Salt & Pepper, which comes in 6 unique color/pattern pairings and may be found at Shiny Shabby through August 15th. And I’m continuing to be dazzled by the items on offer at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, which includes my freckled-to-perfection Fae skin by Lumae, the delicate Crystal Lotus Necklace by ForeverFamous, and the fabulous Affair Wedges by Infliction, which come in 10 colors for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink High feet.

I’m having a lovely August so far; I hope you are as well! I’m continuing to add events to my Second Life Fashion Events Calendar, and as always if there’s an event you’d like to see added, please leave a comment on that page or drop a notecard on me in-world with all the details. And be sure to visit the new round of Colabor88 (if you can manage to get in!) as I’ve seen some of the previews and this 4th anniversary spectacular round is looking to be absolutely legendary. Enjoy! ♥

The Monster Mesh

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I have a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my head at the moment, with regards to mesh heads, mesh body parts, and the like. All pleasant thoughts, mind you — it’s more a matter of my own curiosity than anything. I owe many sincere thanks to the Mesh Body Addicts blog for their excellent “mesh bodies for newbies” guides, which have been very helpful for someone like myself who has barely mastered the art of alpha layering. Well, to be true, I owe them gratitude AND grumbles. I’m meant to be saving my precious pennies, girls. You’re not helping in that regard one bit! :)

Feeling a bit out of sorts and lost in my meandering, I poked around in Search to find a quiet beach to relax at for a while. Searching the word “beach” returns a significant number of results, so one trick if you’re looking for somewhere less populated is to sort by Traffic: High to Low and scroll way down the list until you find a place with a traffic number around or under 2000. You can certainly sort by Traffic: Low to High, but many of the places with 0 traffic will either be inaccessible or end up being parcels for rent. I also opted to filter out Adult regions, simply to narrow to results a bit.

As an aside: the way that traffic and region popularity is calculated in Second Life is quite fascinating (for a geek like me, at least!) There’s detailed information in the SL Knowledge Base, but to sum up, the number seen in Search listings and under the About Land tab is calculated by taking the total number of seconds spent on the parcel the previous day, dividing it by 60, and rounding it to the nearest whole minute. So that means that a location with a visitor volumetric of 2000 had a bit more than 30 cumulative minutes spent there by visitors the following day, which makes it a moderately low-traffic area by SL standards.

After I found a place that looked promising, I clicked “Show on Map” just to double-check that it was in fact a beachy area (sometimes people sneak popular keywords into their listings), as well as to determine how many other members were in the area. Regrettably I don’t recall where I ended up when I got this shot, but I was all by my lonesome — save a few spirited, jumping dolphins — so I was perfectly content. If I do happen to land there again, I’ll be sure to update with a SLURL!

Life's a Beach
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Skin / Lumae | Adore 4 Peach – Quirk | Group Gift
Hair / No.Match | No Milk – Rainbow | Group Gift
Eyes / Inkheart | Essential Eyes – Faithful | SL Marketplace
Lashes / VoodooMonkey | Mascara 6 | SL Marketplace
Eyeshadow / XCW Gift Eyeshadow – Green Blue | SL Marketplace
Freckles / SHOCK | Tintable Freckles | Group Gift
Lipstick / Alaska Metro | Light Lipgloss – Golden | SL Marketplace

Earrings / Maxi Gossamer | Faylinn Flower Charm Earrings | Group Gift
Necklace / Pure Poison | Aileen Necklace | Group Gift
Piercing / Besom | New Age Septum Ring – Gold | Group Gift
Top / SMC | Cropped Blouse FTW | Lucky Board
Shorts / Blah Blah Blah | Carlie Summer Shorts | Midnight Mania Board
Sneakers / Rien Ne Va Plus | Camo Girly Style Sneakers | SL Marketplace

Pose Maniacs / Marcia 4 & Melanie 1 | SL Marketplace

I’m experimenting with how to notate when items are group gifts or giveaways; please let me know if you have any suggestions! I always appreciate when it pops out at you in a credits listing when an item is free, on sale, or a promo. You know me and my love for wonderful deals. <3

Speaking of deals, nearly everything in this look is either free or L$1! I’ve treated myself by joining several paid groups that I had been lusting over (primarily hair brands, because HAIR!) No.Match has a one-time joining fee of L$50, and they graciously keep their past group gifts out for new members to pick up. The retro-inspired “No Milk” hair is fantastic; I love the cascading ponytail and soft, pastel-rainbow hue. I’m fairly certain that the Blah Blah Blah shorts came from a Midnight Mania slap, but they have so many wonderful promos (MM, Lucky Boards, group gifts, weekly sales) that I’m not actually 100% sure. As Jedi Master Yoda might say: organize better, I must!

All of my accessories are group gifts (so many thank yous to all the generous designers!), and my sweet cropped top comes from SMC, which has an amazing assortment of Lucky Boards to stalk. Oh! And my hella cute sneaks are 100% compatible with system feet, which is more and more difficult to find these days. And they’re free! Happy days.

I’m off to continue pondering, considering, reflecting and ruminating on tackling the mesh monster. For me, I think a full body is the most appealing prospect, primarily because I imagine it will just look so lush in photographs. What do you love or loathe about your meshy bits n’ bobs? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Geeks Shall Inherit the SLEarth!

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Ever’s Age: 30 days
L$ Balance: L$615

So this is a post that’s nearly a week overdue, but First Life has been kicking me in the buns the last few days and taking up too much of my time. Still, better late than nerdver, amirite?

(You don’t want to know how hard I laughed at that terrible wordplay!)

My lovely, luminous, laundry machine crashing soul-sister Raznay informed me that Geek Pride Day is/was celebrated on May 25th, which – as a card carrying nerdslice of the highest order – I was terribly vexed to be unaware of! I mean, if you ask me, Geek Pride Day should have been back on May 4th, but that day’s already dedicated to some Star Wars film franchise that probably no one’s ever heard of. I think it’s about space or something. ;)

So May 25th it was, and I missed it entirely. Curses! But thanks to the wonderful, frugal-minded members of the SL Frees & Offers group, I rounded up some lovely geek swag without spending a penny. I did, however, manage to fill up my inventory once more with a truly astounding number of parcels and packages. Lucky boards and their ilk are ridiculously addictive. Who knew? They’ve been around for an age-and-a-half, but I genuinely paid them no attention prior to this week, and now they haunt me in my dreams. And true to form, now I have aims on creating a frequently-updated list of all the Lucky Boards / Chairs and Midnight Mania offers on the grid, because it’s good to have goals and if I call it an official “blog project”, then my endless round-robining will be all legit for research purposes and stuff.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Geeks Shall Inherit the SLEarth!
I geek, therefore I am! (Please click for a full size image.)

Skin: Curves – SL Frees & Offers Gift (L$0 Group Gift)
Hair: Taketomi – MeiLing Bento (L$0 Group Gift)
Eyes: Chus – Oyasumi Lens in Mantis (L$0 Lucky Board Gift)
Eyeshadow: XCW Freebie Eyeshadow – Turquoise, Blue, Pink (L$0 on SL Marketpace)
Mascara: Lumae – Eyelashes Normal (L$0 Group Gift)
Glasses: Sugar Button Boutique – Super Nerd Glasses (L$0 Lucky Chair Gift)
Piercing: Diamante – Limitless Facial Piercing (L$0 Midnight Mania Gift)
Necklace: Pure Poison – BowTie Swirl (L$0 Group Gift)
Dress: Nerdy Girl – Little Frock Callbox (L$0 Midnight Mania Gift)
Shoes: Vlad Blackburn – Strapped Blackburns (L$0 on SL Marketpace)
Poses: MM – Formal Photo 1 & 4 (L$0 on SL Marketplace)

Now I’m sure the folks in the public sandboxes I frequent just love watching me get nekkid on my lofty platform in the sky, but sad news for them: I’m moving on! This weekend is dedicated to finally checking out the Fab Free 30 Days list, which I may have actually aged out of at this point since the information generally states that the gifts are for avies “under 30 days” in age. Oopsie! But even if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got a nice cache of clothing and accouterments, and I feel confident in spending less time freebie-scouring (and ultimately, package-opening) and more time exploring the grid. I know, I know – I’ve said it all before! So let’s make a pact: if you see me out and about slapping Midnight Manias and Lucky Boards ad infinitum, I happily give you permission slap my ass with equal fervor. A win-win for all!

Oh! And a fancy bit of news: I got myself a domain name the other day! So now my blog is located at There were initially some tricksy shenanigans with the RSS and WordPress feeds, wherein those who were subscribed to the old URL weren’t getting updates, but I think it’s all sorted out now. If you’re not getting new posts in your WordPress Reader, please un-follow and re-follow my blog and it should fix the issue. RSS feeds should be re-subscribed to

May the 25th be with you, and Geeks FTW! ♥