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“You are my whisky
I’ll make you mine
I can just taste it …
I know you won’t burn when I drink my glass
I know how to drink it, I learn pretty fast
So take me to bed, babe, and I’ll close my eyes
Yeah, I like the whisky with my lullaby …”

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Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Ears // Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala
* Hair // Helena (Light Blondes HUD) by Murray for N21, through June 12th New Release!
* Eyes // Juno Eyes (Gold) by Inkheart New Release!


* Top // Doutzen Blouse (Nude for Maitreya Lara) by Thalia Heckroth New Release!
Pants // Leather Skinny Pants (Bronze) by Maitreya
* Shoes // Raquel Laced Sandals (Praline for Maitreya Mid) by Murray New Release!

Pose, Destination & Inspiration

* Pose // Scene #2 Pose 3 by Label Motion for Shiny Shabby, through June 15th New Release!
Location // Saint Pete City
Song Spark // Marian Hill – Whisky

A beloved quote from one of my all-time favorite TV shows comes from the character Jeff Winger in Community: “This class is like a redhead that drinks Scotch and loves Die Hard. I suggest you all get her number.” Now I know I’m rocking blonde hair in the picture above (I couldn’t resist; I just love Murray’s blonde colors and textures), but the RL me is a redhead to the roots, and when I first heard that quote, I was determined that loving Scotch whisky should definitely be on my agenda. I’m sad to say that as much as it warms my throat, I haven’t quite warmed to the flavor; I like liquors with distinct sweet or tart vibes, and my true love is an inexpensive, bubbly sparkling wine. My friends say this makes me a cheap date, but hey – who’s complaining? ;)

If you have the Maitreya mesh body, you should definitely treat yourself and get these incredibly slinky, sumptuous leather pants. They fit like a dream, just as you’d expect them to, and they come in three different lengths and tapered-leg options. Since I was really loving the thought of a chic, neutral look, I paired them with the gorgeous Doutzen Blouse from Thalia Heckroth, which manages to be demure, stylish, and sexy all at once. In addition to their lovely hairstyles, Murray is also branching into footwear, and these strappy heels are truly sensational. They’re made exclusively for Maitreya’s mid-high foot shape, and while I find that it’s often an ideal shape for wedges, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work so well for high-heeled shoes. But in this case, I can say honestly that these sandals have a wonderful shape and style, and I know I’ll be wearing them all the time! ♡

Birthday Wish

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It’s my First Life birthday! Today I turn 25 … again (and again). Such a joy and a pleasure for time to kindly allow me to stay at this tender age for another year more. ♡

Speaking of time, I reached back into my youthful memories and thought about a game I used to play when I was younger: if I could have anything at all for my birthday, what would it be? My desires back then were generally superficial and simple: I wanted to be shorter, to have blonde hair, to look just like Becky Leigh (the petite, honey-haired heartbreaker who was the recipient of every boy’s “Do you like me? Circle YES or NO” missives). These days, I’m glad to say my desires are more esoteric and thoughtful, though no more achievable. Simply put: if I could have anything at all for my birthday, I would have more time.

Birthday Wish
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“All the words are calling
Got time on my own
There’s no destination
Wondering whether I’ll feel it again …
Take some time, just hang around awhile
Like to sit this silent moment out
I don’t want to lose or let you down
Time’s just gonna change itself around …”

My picture was taken at the beautiful Follow Your Bliss region, a perfectly named and wonderfully picturesque place with many lovely scenes and sights to explore. I was particularly fond of the Gone to the Beach sign, as that pure expression of “I’m taking a day off just for me” is something that I haven’t done in a long, long while. Time has been an elusive and evasive entity of late, slip-sliding through my hands like sand through a sieve. And just as in the song’s lyrics, I don’t want to lose anything or let anyone down, but standing on the dawn of a new year in my life, I know that changes have to be made. After all, you know you have an issue with time management when you’re frustrated with yourself that you’re once more getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, rather than the 4 hour naps you were subsisting on. I like to say that I can sleep when I’m dead, but I’d rather get to that point with a leisurely stroll, and not by face-desking after a 70 hour SL-and-Flickr bender. Although I’m sure there are worse ways to go. ;)

So my hope is that I can be gentle with myself and take a breather and a reminder that things can wait for a day; putting yourself first is self-care, not unkindly selfish. But if any of you does happen to have some pull with Father Time, would you sweet-talk him into sparing a few hours for me? ♡


Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
* Hair // Sharon (Dark Blondes HUD) by Murray
* Eyes // Ardent Eyes (Olive v2) by Avi-Glam


Top // Ruhi Layered Blouse (Rust) by Zaara
* Skirt // Mini Skirt with Front Pleat (Maitreya Fatpack) by TETRA for Uber, through June 23rd
Shoes // Faith Sandals (in Cherry for Maitreya Flat) by Fri.

Poses, Destination & Inspiration

* Poses // Pose Collection HUD 1.2 – Model 6 & Model 16 by Lyrium
Location // Follow Your Bliss
Song Spark // Zero 7 – In Time