Gold in the Air of Summer

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Years ago, I was in an unhappy relationship that was proving to be tricky to disentangle from, as we owned a small business together. In an effort to make things smoother between us, I did a lot of reading about how personality types differ, and how they can best mesh and mingle together. While the relationship ultimately ended, I have appreciation for that time in my life, as that was when I came to understand and embrace that I fall deeply into the wells of the Empath and the Sensualist. They both sound kinda sexy and alluring, but each has its interesting challenges.

An Empath experiences emotional events deeply, has a tendency toward melancholy when they’re not “feeling all the feels”, and can easily take on the mood of those around them. Sensualists are so into the things that provoke the senses – rich colors and appealing sights; evocative music; heady scents and tastes – that boredom comes easily when they’re not in some way aroused. This often leads to financial trouble (and probably some issues with addiction), as they feel compelled to continually chase and fuel their desire for stimulation.

Recently, someone asked me why I’m always so cheerful, and while I think they were playfully teasing, it gave me some food for thought. I think the Empath in me just tries to project the mood and feelings towards others like I would enjoy having reflected back at me; sort of a secular “do unto others” vibe. And when it comes to a place like Second Life which exists so much in the virtual, anything that’s particularly visually stimulating, like Flickr photography and style blogs, serves as the best possible stirring of the senses that I could hope for when the RL me can’t be physically inside the SL world. So when I’m browsing Flickr or immersed in Second Life in some way, happiness is often – as I’ve seen it beautifully and poetically written – “inhabiting my every molecule”. Or, at least, it’s valiantly trying its best to!

Gold in the Air of Summer
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However, this morning I was feeling a bit blue, but I very much wanted to get another blog post done, so I cheered myself with every possible sensual experience I could think of. (Well, not every possible experience. Insert an appropriately sly, winky emoji here!) But I poured myself a hot cuppa, put on a beloved Spotify playlist, picked out some of my favorite new releases from the debut Luxe Box and the current round of Tres Chic, and found myself a beautifully cozy perch in the always mood lifting The Trace Too region to watch the waves. The warmest, most inviting windlight I could find (with my compliments and sincere thanks to Torley), was that extra boost I needed to feel a true rising in my thoughts and levity in my heart.


Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Ears // Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala
Hair // Luxe Box May (Size A) by Magika for Luxe Box May 2016


Top // Dakota Blouse (Lace Maitreya) by Stories&Co by Flowey for Luxe Box May 2016
Shorts // Liza (Maitreya Fatpack) by EVANI for Tres Chic, through June 10th
Shoes // Vitality Sandals (Black for Maitreya Flat) by REIGN

Destination & Inspiration

Location // The Trace Too
Song Spark // Kings Of Convenience – Gold in the Air of Summer

Sometimes, the best possible balm for a trying day or a blue mood is to find the things that stir and compel you, turn them up to 11, fill your mind and view with their unique light, and then bask in the warming glow. ♡

“I think I brought everything we need,
so don’t look back,
don’t think of the other places that you should have been;
it’s a good thing that you came along with me.
You’ll shine like gold in the air of summer …”

Watch the Spring in All Its Plumage

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When I wrote about The Lexi Project last year, which was a collaborative fundraising effort for Lexi Zelin of AngelRED Couture, I marveled with awe and delight over the number of designers and residents to who came together to offer emotional and financial support to one of our own. And this year, it’s the lovely and wonderful Cajsa Lilliehook who was inspired to start a Blogger Challenge in honor of Bubbles Clawtooth, the designer behind beloved hair brand Clawtooth in Second Life.

Bubbles’ mother has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a heartbreaking neurological condition that attacks the nerve cells, weakening muscles and voluntary physical functions. (My grandfather had ALS when my mom was a teenager; from hearing her personal experiences with this condition, my heart truly goes out to Bubbles and his family.) Bubbles has been dedicating many tireless hours to his mother’s care, so to honor and pay tribute to him, Cajsa called upon Second Life’s blogging community to visit Clawtooth and purchase hairstyles to feature in our blogs to help bolster Bubbles’ spirit and to give his brand some very well-deserved recognition. Answering the call straight away was Strawberry Singh, who helped to broaden the audience for Cajsa’s challenge, and after delightedly spending time trying on a wealth of Clawtooth hairstyle demos yesterday (there are truly so many gorgeous styles), I’m honored to make a heartfelt contribution post of my own.

Watch the Spring in All Its Plumage
Please click for full size.


Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Ears // Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala
Hair // Beach Babe (Essentials HUD) by Clawtooth
* Eyes // Ardent Eyes (Sky v2) by Avi-Glam for Cosmopolitan, through May 21st


Jewelry // The Swallow Necklaces (Gold) by Amala
Top // Fleetwood Top (Maitreya Fatpack) by Azuchi+Vinyl for Uber, through May 22nd
Jeans // Mia Jeans (Maitreya Fatpack) by Blueberry
Shoes // Hanna Wedges (Maitreya Mid in Camel) by REIGN

Pose & Destination

Pose // Stand 545 by !Bang Poses
Location // Baja Cove

My post title and picture are inspired by the song “You’re Beautiful” by Mojave 3, and it has a special meaning not only for the caring and wistful lyrics, but also because I first heard it on a mix CD (oh gosh, remember those?) made for me by the dear friend who first introduced me to Second Life, and who went on to be a long-time content creator himself. Things always seem to come full-circle in our virtual world, and with a the support of friends, fellow designers, and customers surrounding him, it’s Cajsa’s hope that we can lift Bubbles’ spirit with our gestures of care and solidarity.

So whether you’re a blogger or Flickr photographer, or you’re simply a kindhearted soul who enjoys residing in the virtual world, please do visit Clawtooth and try on some gorgeous hairstyles. And while I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting you, I’m sending so many warm and supportive thoughts your way, Bubbles. Thank you so much for all that you do. ♡

Desert Rose

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Merry weekend wishes to my readers and friends! I hope you’re all having a lovely and relaxing time, and keeping cool as well! ♡

Speaking of which, when I tried on the wonderful Estelle outfit by LAZYBONES at the current round of The Chapter Four, I knew it had to be mine for the fantastic “Arizona Heat Wave” print! As a (wilting) desert rose myself, I can attest to its accuracy; 8 months of summer-like weather, and often so many long stretches of time without a drop of rain in the skies. Sounds lovely in theory, but as a fair-skinned, ginger-haired, Irish/Scots lass I often ask myself … why did I think it was a brilliant idea to move here again? ;)

But you know what does keep me in marvelously high spirits? Anniversary gifts! There are 3 events on the grid celebrating their anniversary/birthday rounds this month, and so many extraordinarily generous gifts to pick up from the participating designers, it will make your head spin and your LI burst from the unboxing goodness – one of which is the foxy, fiery Juliet hairstyle on offer from MINA. So be sure to visit these celebratory events before time flies:

The Chapter Four, through May 21st
FaMESHed, through May 27th
We <3 Roleplay, through May 31st

Desert Rose
Please click for full size.


Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Hair // Juliet by MINA for FaMESHed (Free Gift), through May 27th
Eyes // Spring Eyes (Goldish) by Inkheart
Tattoo (Legs) // Real Sign by Identity Body Shop


Jewelry // Indyra Bangles (Golden) by Meva
Dress // Estelle Attire (White) by LAZYBONES for The Chapter Four, through May 21st
Shoes // Rhone Boots (Camel) by REIGN for Uber, through May 22nd

Pose & Destination

Poses // Hera Pose 4 and Dana Pose 5 by Label Motion
Location // ISON

Song Spark

Emilie Simon – Desert


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Hey there, my darlings! Going to keep this one a bit brief, as I’ve only just got time to show you the fullness of this gorgeous outfit before the time on the event runs out. (I need to clone myself so I can post multiple times a day; so many spectacular events and mainstore releases to celebrate!) So have a gander and visit the SLURLs below to get yourself over to this truly unique gacha event before the current round is fini!

Ever Afterr
Please click for full size.
Please click for full size.

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
* Skin / L’Etre | Jessica Skin – Golden Tone (with optional freckles) | WearHouse Event, through August 28th
* Hair / Besom | Jackson – Fade Dye HUD | N21 Event, through August 10th
Eyes / Avi-Glam | Premium Eyes – Green v2 | SL Marketplace
Lashes / Mon Cheri | Falsies Mesh Eyelashes – Upper
Eyeliner / Glam Affair | Couture Eyeliner No. 02
Lips / Bonita | Tinted Lip Gloss – Strawberry Lips | SL Marketplace
Nails / alaskametro<3 | Metallic Pack – Pastels Gold (Maitreya, Slink, Eve & Omega Appliers) | SL Marketplace
* Tattoo / SwaggedOut | Athena Tattoo (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP & Omega Appliers + system tattoo layers) | WearHouse Event, through August 28th

* Headpiece / ERSCH | Lilly Half-Wreath – White
* Jewelry / Salt & Pepper | Jungle Bangles & Earrings | Gacha Items at The Epiphany, through August 4th
* Outfit / Salt & Pepper | Jungle Top & Skirt – Purple | Gacha Items at The Epiphany, through August 4th
Shoes / REIGN | Avian Sandals – White (Maitreya, Belleza, TMP & Slink Flat feet; 6 feather colors in HUD)

Poses & Destination
Pic 1 / Chisa Creation | Winter Pack 2014 – # 18 | L$1 on SL Marketplace
Pic 2 / Chisa Creation | Winter Pack 2012 – # 10 | L$1 on SL Marketplace
Location / The Vineyard at Checkmate

Dazzling gacha fans with a truly unique experience are the fabulous crew behind The Epiphany event, going on through August 4th. Here’s a quick summary of how the event works (a more complete guide may be found in this Flickr post):

When you rez an item, you will get the option to either turn it in for points, or to keep it. You will be able to trade these points in for purchasable exclusives.

– Commons trade in for 1 point
– Rares trade in for 3 points

With 25 points you can purchase 1 “no transfer” exclusive item from any of the creators at the event.

The fabulous Jungle set that I’m wearing by Salt & Pepper includes several of those lovely gacha prizes, and if you happened to be pulling on the machine and received a duplicate, or perhaps received an item in a color that wasn’t to your fancy, you could then opt to trade it in for points. And the best part is that you can rollover up to 100 points until the next round of The Epiphany, if you’d rather keep them for future trades. How wonderful! This is exactly the type of system I had hoped existed when I first learned about gachas, and I’m thrilled that the team at The Epiphany have brought it to fruition. But hurry if you’d like to play: the current round is only on through August 4th!

A couple more lovely things to mention: the dreamy, perfectly wispy braid by Besom, which is exclusive to the N21 event through August 10th. It’s hard for me to quit that gorgeous Fade Dye color HUD, and I think this hair color matched so well with the beautiful and tropical Lilly Half-Wreath by ERSCH. And I’m so in love with the Avian Sandals by REIGN, which come with 6 unique feather colors in the HUD. They were part of the recent Saturday Sale, where all flat sandals in the shop were priced at a mere L$50 per pair. Incredible! All apologies that I didn’t have a chance then to post about it, as I only just learned of it in the nick of time and it was a one day sale only. To keep up with the flash sales of Second Life, join the Fifty Linden Fridays and Saturday Sale groups in-world. You’ll be informed every week of all the wonderful goods on offer, with SLURLS and vendor pics for easy planning. I highly recommend it!

Off to snatch some rest for now; have a wonderful time at The Epiphany, or if gacha’s not your thing, be sure to check out the all new WearHouse event that’s on through August 28th. The delicate tattoo and absolutely gorgeous skin I’m wearing are both from the event by SwaggedOut and L’Etre, respectively. These two designers are new to me, and I’m really loving them both. Enjoy! ♥

Who Will Save Your Soul?

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Do you believe in fate? Or serendipity? I can say with surety that I certainly do! I was gathering up the lovely bits and bobs for this look when a notecard dropped on me as if manna from SL Destination Heaven (or, the SL Blogger Support group). It introduced the Ironwood Hills sim, a spooky and wonderfully atmospheric build filled with curious corners and sinister desolation. Its mood was exactly what I was looking for, so I teleported over and enjoyed my time there immensely. Highly recommend checking it out!

None Shall Pass!
Please click for full size.

I’m wearing a sultry body suit from ascending brand, Rising Hysteria. (See what I did there?) It comes in Charcoal (shown), Gray, and Silver with appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Wowmeh, Ghetto Booty, Lolas and Phat Azz, as well as system layers. So awesome to see such a great range of bodies and body parts supported! I also love how the legs are slightly high-cut, so a bit of skin peeks out over the waistband of my shorts. The sexy shrug is also part of the outfit, and it’s available exclusively at the Olala Fashion Event through July 20th. Olala is also where you can have a go at the Something New Props n’ Poses gacha machine, where my perfect pose comes from. I was looking for something with a distinct “NONE SHALL PASS” vibe, and I think this pose does the job wonderfully!

My sweet, snakey leg tattoo is by Endless Pain Tattoos and may be found as a prize in the Body Art Hunt, which is yours for the hunting pleasure through July 31st. My necklace and earrings are from the Gumballs set by Secret Love, because sometimes I like a little sweetness with my sass! The set also comes with a ring, which I featured in my Dress Up Dollz post, and it’s a really lovely collection with 3 different metals and 10 color change options.

Who will save your soul?
Please click for full size.

I snagged my pretty, beautifully designed shorts from Somnia during the cart sale at The Wash several weeks ago, and they’re available now at the in-world store. There are several juicy colors in the HUD, and I thought this pretty pop of pinky-violet was just perfect. And my shoes! REIGN is an absolute legend, and I believe this is my very first pair which I picked up during last week’s Saturday Sale. (I just checked, and they’re still on the wall for only L$75 for the fatpack, so get ’em while the getting is good!) And while you’re at REIGN, be sure to slap the Saturday Sale group joiner. You won’t want to miss this weekend’s one-day-only sale event full of many wonderful designers offering their wares for L$75 or less!

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / AlterEgo | Maliyah v2 – Honey | Group Gift
Hair / Truth | Essie – Gingers 05 | L$50 Sale in-world
Eyes / Arte | Baby Blue S
Lashes / Ri | Lashes 03 | SL Marketplace
Lips / Pink Fuel | Lipstick Light Shine – Pink/Teeth | Group Gift
Nails / alaskametro<3 | Basic Pack for Slink, Omega, Maitreya & Eve | Free on SL Marketplace
* Tattoo / Endless Pain Tattoos | Ryu | Body Art Hunt, through July 31st

* Earrings & Necklace / Secret Love | Gumballs Set | SL Marketplace or available in-world
* Shrug & Bodysuit / Rising Hysteria | Simple Sins Outfit | Olala Event, through July 20th
Shorts / Somnia | Summer Fling Shorts
Shoes / REIGN | Penelope Plats – Black

* Something New Props n’ Poses | Dance of the Nile #1 | Gacha Item at Olala Event, through July 20th

Ironwood Hills