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Pocket Full of Poses: Verocity

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In my recent post about the lovely Trancescending Chill Garden, I mentioned that I found myself at the Poesie sim by lucky happenstance. But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I was actually pose-essed to go there! ;)

Having a diverse collection of poses on hand is essential for Second Life bloggers and photographers alike, and my ongoing desire for affordable options found me browsing through pose packs on the SL Marketplace. That’s when I stumbled across Verocity Poses, and was amazed at the selection of high quality, unique and attractive pose sets for only L$1 apiece. At last check, there were 55 discounted listings! Verocity Poses @ SL Marketplace

I decided to stop by their in-world store to see if there were additional sets on clearance (it appears the ones in-world match the Marketplace store), and that’s how I came to be at Poesie, where Verocity is Trancescending’s next-door neighbor. Theirs is a lovely parcel split into several outdoor areas with singles poses and props; poseballs for couples and groups; Gacha machines, and more. The sale-price pose sets can all be found in the marked Discount section.

Verocity Poses
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Verocity Poses / American Girl 3, Fiona 6, Leann 5

Skin / Style by Kira | Ella Skin – 01D | @ The Wash
Hair / Little Bones | Crimson – Resort Colors | Group Gift
Eyes / SU! | Bastet Eyes – Lavender | Group Gift
Freckles / SHOCK | Tintable Freckles | Group Gift
Lipstick / Pink Fuel – Light Shine (Pink) | Group Gift
Piercing 1 / SU! | Kara Facial Piercing Set | Group Gift
Piercing 2 / Diamante | Limitless Facial Piercing | Midnight Mania Gift
Top / Anachron | Indian Summer Choli Top – Night | @ The Wash
Skirt / Sn@tch | Eyelet Skirt – White | @ The Wash

While exploring Verocity, I took a moment to snap photos of my recent purchases from The Wash Heat Wave Event. Today is the final day of this awesome sale, where virtually everything is L$10 from a wide variety of designers. I picked up the lovely Ella Skin there, as well as the colorful Indian Summer Choli Top by Anachron and summery Eyelet Skirt by Sn@tch. The wonderfully low prices aside, I really appreciate this event for all the new designers it introduced me to. I believe The Wash has events several times a year, so I’ll be eagerly looking forward to their next sim-wide sale!

After shopping at Verocity, I couldn’t resist peeking in over at Trancesending Chill Garden, and was delighted to see owner Pixie Marenwolf in residence. She’s absolutely lovely, and she mentioned that this past weekend she was unable to hold their usual event, but that Trancescending’s sky stage usually features live music from 4pm to midnight SLT on Sundays, so it’s well worth a visit if you enjoy uplifting, energetic electronica!

For now though, I believe I’ll just fold myself into a thoughtful pose and enjoy the warming rays of a late Springtime afternoon. <3

Transcending Thoughts
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Freebie Finds: Limited Time Group Gifts from LaVian & Co, The Chapter Four, FaMESHed & We Love Roleplay

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Sometimes a frugal Second Life can be a taxing one, fraught with hours spent on freebie hunts, frequent marketplace searches, and fingers crossed that a benevolent brand or two will graciously release a free gift or offer an unexpected discount.

And then once in a while the stars align, and the overwhelming generosity of virtual world designers falls like manna from the skies and literally floods your inventory with a fabulous bounty. That time is now, friends: pull on your galoshes and prime your umbrellas, because there’s an absolute storm of amazing group gifts brewing this week!

In what must be an incredible stroke of happenstance for me n’ my modest wallet, LaVian & Co have entirely waived their group fee now through May 20th. If memory serves, their group normally costs around L$750 to join, so it’s a fantastic deal. I had to fight a bit of lag when I teleported in to snag my group tag, and the asset server was experiencing delays, but I believe there were easily over 100 group gifts to collect. It’s funny: I was just telling my new friend Markham that I was keeping my trips around the grid brief because I only had one outfit to my name. LaVian & Co to the rescue! (A special thanks and shout-out to Jujube for alerting me to this limited time offer on Twitter.) Teleport to LaVian & Co

In another excellent twist of fate, three of the monthly fashion events that feature some of the grid’s most coveted brands are all having anniversaries this month, offering gifts aplenty in celebration:

Through May 14th, visit the dreamy Chapter Four event and find upwards of 20 group gifts, including clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. Joining the group is free; just wear the group tag and click the gift boxes! Teleport to The Chapter Four

Through May 27th, pick up loads of original mesh group gifts from the designers at FaMESHED. It’s free to join the group, then just wander around and look for the navy blue parcels. Lots of amazing freebies to be found! Teleport to FaMESHED

Through May 31st, celebrate the 2nd anniversary of We Love Roleplay with an entire area full of exclusive deals, discounts and a number of free gifts as well. And don’t worry if you’re maxed out on groups – no joining or subscribing is required. Teleport to We Love Roleplay

Apologies for the lack of compelling photos! I was going to snap a pic of myself surrounded by a mountain of yet-to-be-opened boxes, but I’m sneaking in this post between work-related tasks (shhh, no telling) and later I’ve got about an eon of gift opening and joyful inventory sorting ahead of me. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Now go get some free lovelies and sundries!