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Blue Belle

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Happy Independence Day to all of my lovely American friends! And for those who live outside of the USA, happy 4th of July anyway because it’s Saturday and that’s always a time to celebrate! Unless you’re one of those fancy Australian peeps who lives in the future, where it’s Sunday already. In that case, I really wish you’d get around to divining my lottery numbers so I can afford to buy out the delicious sales and events going on this month!

Speaking of which, an amazing number of brands are having special sales this weekend (some extend through the end of July; dates are included below). This is by no means all of the holiday sales, but these are all the ones I had bookmarked, spied on Flickr, or received as notecards in-world. Don’t blame me if you’re absolutely broke by Monday!

Ariskea – 50% off everything, through July 15th
Black Tulip – 50% off pose sets, couples & groups; through July 5th
BYRNE – 50% off everything, through July 5th
ColdLogic & Fate – 50% off everything, through July 5th
Dark Passions & Koffin Nails – 40% off (excluding gachas and discounts), through July 17th
Du Jour – 50% off everything, through July 11th
Fetch – 50% off everything, through July 31st
Heydra – 40% off everything and free VIP group join, through July 5th
HollyHood – 50% off everything, through July 29th
LOULOU&CO – 50% off everything, through July 13th
mpc. – 50% off all accessories, through July 5th
Nantra – 50% off all pose sets, through July 5th
Petite Mort – 30% to 50% off everything, ends July 6th
Pin Me Down – 50% off everything (including gachas), through July 5th
Rowne – 50% off flash sale, end date unknown
Salt & Pepper – 50% off everything, through July 5th
YumYums – closing sale ($L25 and up), through July 31st

Blue Belle
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I may be missing the red and white from my look today, but I’ve definitely got the blue covered! This lush, chic dress is by db Dollz and is exclusive to The Showroom event through July 11th. It comes in six colors, and I was head-over-heels for the rich, sapphire blue tone. Blue is my favorite color, and I just don’t wear it often enough in-world, which is an inexcusable crime! The soft ruching is a lovely detail, and I have to adore a dress that can easily be dressed up or down, and is both sexy and chic. All of the rawrs! ♥

My sweet accessory is another event exclusive: the Ribbons & Pearls necklace by Secret Love may be found at the FAD Fashion Event through July 25th. As always with Faylinn’s lovely designs, you have several metal, ribbon and gem colors in the HUD to choose from. My eyes and nails are two free Marketplace finds from TSM and By Snow, and I love the pops of purple to compliment the blues. I’m sure with that, my lavender-loving friend Holly will insist that I’m once again attempting to be an enabler, but my only response to that is: “What do you mean attempting?” /me grins cheekily

Blue Belle
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My prop is by Something New Poses n’ Props, and is specifically designed to show off shoes, which I just love! I’m using a built-in pose in my 1st pic, and the pose in my 2nd pic is by Signature Pose and is exclusive to the My Slink Obsession event, which kicks off on July 5th. Between all the ongoing and upcoming fashion events, and the weekend and month-long sales, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to offset a frenetic holiday with a heapin’ dose of retail therapy!

One final thing to sneak in: today is the final day to check out the unique, creative, dazzling builds at the Second Life Community Celebration sims. If you need some guidance on the not-to-be-missed exhibits, please visit my SL12B Event Roundup, the official SL12B website, or the Flickr photo pool for inspiration! Me, I’m off to collapse into bed and get a nice rest before the day’s festivities. Have a wonderful weekend, one and all! ♥

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / Belleza | Eva – SK FLF | Fifty Linden Fridays (Past)
Hair / Magika | Dots – HUD 03
Eyes / TSM | Crystal Eyes – Purple | Free on SL Marketplace
Lashes / ACD | Eye Lashes 4 | SL Marketplace
Eyeliner / Arte | Cat Eyes Eyeliner – Long | SL Marketplace
Lips / alaskametro<3 | Light Lipgloss – Blush | SL Marketplace
Nails / By Snow | Maitreya Crystalline Nail Applier | Free on SL Marketplace
Tattoo / Seventy-5 | Full Floral Tattoo for Maitreya | SL Marketplace

* Necklace / Secret Love | Ribbons and Pearls Necklace | FAD Fashion Event, through July 25th
* Dress / db Dollz | Scarllet Dress – Blue | The Showroom Event, through July 11th
Shoes / Fri. | Veronica Platforms – Black

* Pose 1 / Something New Poses n’ Props | Stairway to Shoes – Prop & Pose #1
* Pose 2 / Signature Pose | Ade – Pose 002 | My Slink Obsession Event, through July 22nd

Who Will Save Your Soul?

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Do you believe in fate? Or serendipity? I can say with surety that I certainly do! I was gathering up the lovely bits and bobs for this look when a notecard dropped on me as if manna from SL Destination Heaven (or, the SL Blogger Support group). It introduced the Ironwood Hills sim, a spooky and wonderfully atmospheric build filled with curious corners and sinister desolation. Its mood was exactly what I was looking for, so I teleported over and enjoyed my time there immensely. Highly recommend checking it out!

None Shall Pass!
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I’m wearing a sultry body suit from ascending brand, Rising Hysteria. (See what I did there?) It comes in Charcoal (shown), Gray, and Silver with appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Wowmeh, Ghetto Booty, Lolas and Phat Azz, as well as system layers. So awesome to see such a great range of bodies and body parts supported! I also love how the legs are slightly high-cut, so a bit of skin peeks out over the waistband of my shorts. The sexy shrug is also part of the outfit, and it’s available exclusively at the Olala Fashion Event through July 20th. Olala is also where you can have a go at the Something New Props n’ Poses gacha machine, where my perfect pose comes from. I was looking for something with a distinct “NONE SHALL PASS” vibe, and I think this pose does the job wonderfully!

My sweet, snakey leg tattoo is by Endless Pain Tattoos and may be found as a prize in the Body Art Hunt, which is yours for the hunting pleasure through July 31st. My necklace and earrings are from the Gumballs set by Secret Love, because sometimes I like a little sweetness with my sass! The set also comes with a ring, which I featured in my Dress Up Dollz post, and it’s a really lovely collection with 3 different metals and 10 color change options.

Who will save your soul?
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I snagged my pretty, beautifully designed shorts from Somnia during the cart sale at The Wash several weeks ago, and they’re available now at the in-world store. There are several juicy colors in the HUD, and I thought this pretty pop of pinky-violet was just perfect. And my shoes! REIGN is an absolute legend, and I believe this is my very first pair which I picked up during last week’s Saturday Sale. (I just checked, and they’re still on the wall for only L$75 for the fatpack, so get ’em while the getting is good!) And while you’re at REIGN, be sure to slap the Saturday Sale group joiner. You won’t want to miss this weekend’s one-day-only sale event full of many wonderful designers offering their wares for L$75 or less!

Body / Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara v3.4
Skin / AlterEgo | Maliyah v2 – Honey | Group Gift
Hair / Truth | Essie – Gingers 05 | L$50 Sale in-world
Eyes / Arte | Baby Blue S
Lashes / Ri | Lashes 03 | SL Marketplace
Lips / Pink Fuel | Lipstick Light Shine – Pink/Teeth | Group Gift
Nails / alaskametro<3 | Basic Pack for Slink, Omega, Maitreya & Eve | Free on SL Marketplace
* Tattoo / Endless Pain Tattoos | Ryu | Body Art Hunt, through July 31st

* Earrings & Necklace / Secret Love | Gumballs Set | SL Marketplace or available in-world
* Shrug & Bodysuit / Rising Hysteria | Simple Sins Outfit | Olala Event, through July 20th
Shorts / Somnia | Summer Fling Shorts
Shoes / REIGN | Penelope Plats – Black

* Something New Props n’ Poses | Dance of the Nile #1 | Gacha Item at Olala Event, through July 20th

Ironwood Hills