Flowers Bloom

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There are some things we come to look forward to each day because they bring a wonderful sense of well-being, balance, and contentment to our lives. Perhaps it’s a cuppa (coffee or chai, if you please!) while you’re catching up on blog reading and Flickr browsing. Maybe it’s that last kiss from your loved one before you leave for work, or even just the joy of that first, luxurious feeling of repose after climbing into bed at night.

I have many of these little rituals and touchstones, and one of my favorites is seeing the friendly, genuine, ever-smiling face of my friend Reina Alice on Flickr, whose pictures warm my heart like a rich, soothing sip of coffee on a chilly morning. A little while back, Reina took a lovely picture at the Small Town Green sim, so I went there myself to stand amongst the tulip patches and take a picture in tribute to her own.

I’m always so genuinely touched by the wonderful bonds we form over admiring and appreciating each-other’s endeavors in virtual photography, exploration, and style. Thank you to Reina and everyone in our ever-growing, ever-passionate Flickr family for welcoming me back to Second Life so warmly, and making me feel like I’ve come “home” again once more! ♡

Flowers Bloom
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Body // Lara Mesh Body v3.5 by Maitreya
Head & Skin // Melissa by Genesis Lab
Hair // Pearl (Resort HUD) by Little Bones
Eyes // Baby Blue Eyes by Arte
Tattoo // Adah Tattoo (White) by Nanika


Necklace // Pixi Dust Necklace (Gold) by Tea.s
Top (Applier) // Crochet Strings (White) by Milk Tea for the Buy Now Event, through May 31st
Shorts // Juci Shorts (Rose) by KITJA

Pose & Destination

Pose // Sara 5 by Label Motion
Location // Small Town Green