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Ordinary Heart

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When I was 12 years old, I had an existential crisis. Distressing events kept hitting me like tidal waves: my beloved grandmother died; my mom went deeply into the throes of her depression; my dad was never around; I went through puberty and was dropped by the small talent agency I’d been with since I was 9 (“frankly, if she’d only been dieting as we repeatedly advised … tsk tsk”); migraines plagued me and I suddenly needed glasses, further cementing my “unpopular geek” status. But of everything, the tipping point came when two of my friends – really, two of my only friends – were each having parties on the same day, and I couldn’t figure out which one to attend.

My favorite teacher at the time was a loud, passionate, intense Italian gentleman from NYC in his sixties, who had a jolly “Santa Claus on vacation” look with his bright white mustache and merry, laughing eyes. He took a shine to me and nicknamed me Stella, saying that my red hair reminded him of his granddaughter. Often times I’d peek into his classroom when he had a free period, and he’d lean back and his chair and say “Stella! What’s happenin’?” Usually I’d just wave and smile, with a hearty “Hi, Mr. G!” But the day of the Double Party Conundrum, I broke down in tears.

I sobbed out the whole story – everything that had been going wrong that year – as I sat at a desk and Mr. G leaned on his, saying nothing but passing me tissues, his bushy white eyebrows furrowed intently. To his immense credit, there was none of the typical teasing or cajoling in his demeanor; he took my distress as seriously as I did, and when my voice finally trailed off into silence punctuated by hiccup-breaths, he cleared his throat and said: “Stella baby, you can’t bring back your grandmama, you can’t fix your parents, and you can’t be in two places at once.” (He graciously refrained from commenting upon the puberty quandary.) “But put yuh’self first? That you can do. Make you happy, everyone who loves you will be happy for you. They don’t like it, fuggedaboutem!” He made a sudden, sweeping gesture with his giant paw, like he was back-handing a line of imaginary people across the face. “Vaffanculo!” (A sensational Italian word that I learned, much later, means “fuck off”. Something about the fact that he used this in my defense just makes the memory even more charming to me.)

In the end, I turned down both of my friends’ invitations and stayed home that Saturday reading, which made me happy and angered them both, teaching me that while the logic was sound, sometimes even people who love you may take it personally when they feel that they’re being slighted. And this is something I experienced in both SL and RL very recently, which distressed me greatly and found me once more tearing up at a desk, face buried in tissues, trying to divine a way to let myself be happy while also never allowing those whom I care about to get lost in the shuffle. And I’m blessed to have wonderful people in my life who understand and appreciate this people-pleasing nature of mine. “You have a big, soft heart,” they say, though it feels pretty ordinary to me. I just need to remind myself, gently but intently, that self-fulfillment is paramount. Sometimes “no” is the kindest thing you can say to someone, or in response to a request, for the benefit of your own well-being. Still, for those whom I’ve inadvertently hurt by not being as available, or by putting my attention elsewhere for an overlong period of time, I am genuinely sorry, and I appreciate your patience tremendously. One day time will be on my side again; I have faith that I’m moving in that direction. But until then, when you have my love, that’s something you can always trust. ♡

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“what I’ve got is just an ordinary heart
I’ll give it more than anybody
you can always trust this ordinary heart …”


Maitreya Body – Lara v3.5
Genesis Lab Head & Skin – Melissa
Izzie’s Freckles – Body Freckles II (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Appliers & System Layers)
Mandala Ears – Steking Ears Season 5
Damien Fate Eyelashes – FATELashes v2.0
Avi-Glam Eyes – Ardent Eyes (Aqua v2) *
Wasabi Pills Hair – Jasmine (Fudge)

Style & Pose

Thalia Heckroth Dress – Emilia Dress (in Air for Maitreya Lara) *
!Bang Poses – Stand 544M

Destination & Inspiration

✈ Sights: It All Starts With a Smile
🎧 Sounds: Emily King – Ordinary Heart

Hunting for Pearls

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Less than a week until Summer makes its debut in the Northern Hemisphere, and doesn’t it feel like it’s been here for ages already? My dear friend Noir has an especial fondness for wintery weather in Second Life (and she photographs it beautifully too), but I’ve always been drawn to the beaches and bodies of water in our virtual world. I think it’s the landlocked damsel in RL distress who craves that saltwater air and toes in the sand that I haven’t felt for so very long. So when I heard about the Tropical Summer Fair, you know I made it my mission to visit!

It’s a truly expansive shopping event with so much to see, but I found my favorite items a few footfalls from the landing zone at Mon Cheri; the beautifully designed Vegas Bikini takes full advantage of Advanced Lighting and has a wonderfully luminous shine. It matches perfectly with the Mon Cheri Twisted Body Chain, as well as the lustrous Metallic Floral Tattoo by Izzie’s, found at the June round of Uber. I’m celebrating event finds in this post for sure, and they both wrap up soon, so don’t miss out! ♡

Hunting for Pearls
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“And I shackle myself, I risk it all
Bringing us closer to the core,
Returning treasures to the shore
And together we take back what is ours
Hunting for pearls on the ocean floor,
For us to cherish and adore …”


Maitreya Body – Lara v3.5
Genesis Lab Head & Skin – Melissa
Mandala Ears – Steking Ears Season 5
Damien Fate Eyelashes – FATELashes v2.0
Avi-Glam Eyes – Premium Eyes (Tropical v2)
Wasabi Pills Rowan Hair (Basics HUD) – New Release @ Uber, through June 23rd
Izzie’s Tattoo – Metallic Floral Tattoo (Maitreya Lara, Belleza v3, Slink Physique Appliers & System Layers) New Release @ Uber, through June 23rd

Style & Pose

Mon Cheri Jewelry – Twisted Body Chain (in Gold for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya & Isis, Slink Physique & Hourglass) New Release @ Tropical Summer Fair, through June 17th
Mon Cheri Bikini – Vegas Bikini (in Teal for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya & Isis, Slink Physique & Hourglass) New Release @ Tropical Summer Fair, through June 17th
Pure Poison Shoes – Shira Sandals (for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & TMP) New Release @ Uber, through June 23rd
!Bang Poses – Bedroom 4 (edited)

Destination & Inspiration

✈ Sights: The Bay Reborn
🎧 Sounds: Iamamiwhoami – Hunting for Pearls

Give Me One Accessoreason

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Nay, I say: give me FIFTY!

Ever’s Age: 19 days
L$ Balance: L$615

After unpacking my way through all the fantastic freebie finds from the other day, I noticed that I was experiencing a lack of accessories to go with my clothing cache. Then I realized that I hadn’t completely finished my group gift scouting at this month’s round of We Love Roleplay, so off I went to explore!

Like Chapter Four and FaMESHed, We Love Roleplay also celebrates its anniversary this month, and the gracious participating designers made sure that visitors would be delighted with free gifts and specially-priced items. There are many free and nearly-free offerings to pick up as you explore the booths, and these are just a few of my favorites! (Click for a full-size image.)

We Love Roleplay Group Gifts

We Love Roleplay Group Gifts (L$0), available through May 31st:

ieQED Double Nose Ring
Haste Dangle Chain Necklace
Evie’s Closet Tinuviel Collar & Grown
Fallen Gods Inc. Siren’s Call Tintable Face Tattoo

Also shown:

Skin: Insol Body Skin Scarlett – Ivory (L$0, no longer available)
Makeup: Alaska Metro Full Face Makeup – Two-Faced Earth 01 (L$0)
Lip Color: Alaska Metro Lip Stain Tester – Rose (L$0)
Eyes: AG. Destiny Eyes – Grey (L$0)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Irene Hair – Sorbet (L$0, FaMESHed group gift through May 27th)

But the generous Accessory Gods weren’t finished with me yet! Thanks to a tip from the excellent Teleport Hub blog, I visited the store Pure Poison to pick up the newly-released Gabrielle Jewelry Set and was amazed to find an entire collection of free gifts awaiting me!

Pure Poison Group Gifts

37 group gifts to enjoy, and most of them necklaces, earrings and jewelry sets. Incredible! I wholeheartedly appreciate this trend that brands have employed where they allow members who are new or are returning to the group to access previously-released gifts. You see this most often in groups where there’s a joining fee, but for a brand with a completely free in-world group to offer the same perk to their members? Truly an uncommon and fantastic find. Thank you so much, Pure Poison!

I have to admit though, I’m becoming just the teeniest bit antsy to get out and start exploring and enjoying the grid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I’ve been able to double my wardrobe after only spending a scant L$2! I’m just one of those people who can’t bear to have a collection of unorganized items and objects in my inventory, so by nature I’m held back until I get everything unpacked, sorted out, and put away. Is that unusual, I wonder? My lovely friend Raznay says she hasn’t finished unpacking finds from the Wayward Hunt last month, and I understand that was a huge event with a lot to collect. I just want everything laid out neatly in nested and nestled folders, all ready to be worn at a moment’s notice. (Okay, I lied: I would never get dressed that quickly!) I even teased @SecondLife on Twitter that I’d be a very good lass if they would kindly implement an “UNPACK ALL THE THINGS” option, but they probably called my bluff. Curses! Maybe one of these days months years? ;)