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I have a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my head at the moment, with regards to mesh heads, mesh body parts, and the like. All pleasant thoughts, mind you — it’s more a matter of my own curiosity than anything. I owe many sincere thanks to the Mesh Body Addicts blog for their excellent “mesh bodies for newbies” guides, which have been very helpful for someone like myself who has barely mastered the art of alpha layering. Well, to be true, I owe them gratitude AND grumbles. I’m meant to be saving my precious pennies, girls. You’re not helping in that regard one bit! :)

Feeling a bit out of sorts and lost in my meandering, I poked around in Search to find a quiet beach to relax at for a while. Searching the word “beach” returns a significant number of results, so one trick if you’re looking for somewhere less populated is to sort by Traffic: High to Low and scroll way down the list until you find a place with a traffic number around or under 2000. You can certainly sort by Traffic: Low to High, but many of the places with 0 traffic will either be inaccessible or end up being parcels for rent. I also opted to filter out Adult regions, simply to narrow to results a bit.

As an aside: the way that traffic and region popularity is calculated in Second Life is quite fascinating (for a geek like me, at least!) There’s detailed information in the SL Knowledge Base, but to sum up, the number seen in Search listings and under the About Land tab is calculated by taking the total number of seconds spent on the parcel the previous day, dividing it by 60, and rounding it to the nearest whole minute. So that means that a location with a visitor volumetric of 2000 had a bit more than 30 cumulative minutes spent there by visitors the following day, which makes it a moderately low-traffic area by SL standards.

After I found a place that looked promising, I clicked “Show on Map” just to double-check that it was in fact a beachy area (sometimes people sneak popular keywords into their listings), as well as to determine how many other members were in the area. Regrettably I don’t recall where I ended up when I got this shot, but I was all by my lonesome — save a few spirited, jumping dolphins — so I was perfectly content. If I do happen to land there again, I’ll be sure to update with a SLURL!

Life's a Beach
Please click for full size.

Skin / Lumae | Adore 4 Peach – Quirk | Group Gift
Hair / No.Match | No Milk – Rainbow | Group Gift
Eyes / Inkheart | Essential Eyes – Faithful | SL Marketplace
Lashes / VoodooMonkey | Mascara 6 | SL Marketplace
Eyeshadow / XCW Gift Eyeshadow – Green Blue | SL Marketplace
Freckles / SHOCK | Tintable Freckles | Group Gift
Lipstick / Alaska Metro | Light Lipgloss – Golden | SL Marketplace

Earrings / Maxi Gossamer | Faylinn Flower Charm Earrings | Group Gift
Necklace / Pure Poison | Aileen Necklace | Group Gift
Piercing / Besom | New Age Septum Ring – Gold | Group Gift
Top / SMC | Cropped Blouse FTW | Lucky Board
Shorts / Blah Blah Blah | Carlie Summer Shorts | Midnight Mania Board
Sneakers / Rien Ne Va Plus | Camo Girly Style Sneakers | SL Marketplace

Pose Maniacs / Marcia 4 & Melanie 1 | SL Marketplace

I’m experimenting with how to notate when items are group gifts or giveaways; please let me know if you have any suggestions! I always appreciate when it pops out at you in a credits listing when an item is free, on sale, or a promo. You know me and my love for wonderful deals. <3

Speaking of deals, nearly everything in this look is either free or L$1! I’ve treated myself by joining several paid groups that I had been lusting over (primarily hair brands, because HAIR!) No.Match has a one-time joining fee of L$50, and they graciously keep their past group gifts out for new members to pick up. The retro-inspired “No Milk” hair is fantastic; I love the cascading ponytail and soft, pastel-rainbow hue. I’m fairly certain that the Blah Blah Blah shorts came from a Midnight Mania slap, but they have so many wonderful promos (MM, Lucky Boards, group gifts, weekly sales) that I’m not actually 100% sure. As Jedi Master Yoda might say: organize better, I must!

All of my accessories are group gifts (so many thank yous to all the generous designers!), and my sweet cropped top comes from SMC, which has an amazing assortment of Lucky Boards to stalk. Oh! And my hella cute sneaks are 100% compatible with system feet, which is more and more difficult to find these days. And they’re free! Happy days.

I’m off to continue pondering, considering, reflecting and ruminating on tackling the mesh monster. For me, I think a full body is the most appealing prospect, primarily because I imagine it will just look so lush in photographs. What do you love or loathe about your meshy bits n’ bobs? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

6 thoughts on “The Monster Mesh

    Shae Marquis said:
    June 12, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    I have too many mesh bodies and too many mesh body parts, I had Phat & Cute Azz when they were ‘cool’ (plus some Banned version of a bum – Sweet Tushie or some such thing?) and I have the older Lolas Tangos as well as the nicer fitted versions, I also have Lush boobs.. I haven’t worn any of them at all since the bodies came out and I only ever wore them before that for specific photos.. I bought a Wowmeh body when they were really new and very cheap, it was ok but it wasn’t my favourite, I just liked that it photographed better than the standard av body. Then I bought Slink Physique because it was worlds beyond Wowmeh IMO.. I didn’t care for the alphas in that one but they’re better now so… And then I went and bought Belleza Venus, I was silly buying all the bodies but I’m also adventurous. Then Maitreya happened, I should have waited because that would have been my only body investment, period.

    I bought a Snow rabbit head waaay back when it was brand new, wore the everloving heck out of it, still love it to bits but she hasn’t made any appliers aside from Lolas so I never wear it (I did find that one of my Lumae appliers works with it so I can wear it with my Maitreya body if I really want to.) My Largemale gifted me with the Logo Sadie head, she’s cute but I find her face terribly cartoony for my tastes, love the expressions though – holy script heavy monster though, ugh. I have both Slink heads but I’m not into them, they’re well done but they feel wrong on me. I’ve worn them only a few times – I feel I kinda blew the money there but it is what it is. My LeLutka Stella is the face I was waiting for and I didn’t even know it. She’s perfectly me and fits with every look I want to make. I’m completely satisfied..

    All of that rambling mess being said:

    Go to every store that has a body or head you’re possibly interested in, grab demos of every single one, do not blindly purchase. Try each of them on and try on some of your fave outfits with them. Find the one/s that YOU feel work for the look you want to convey and only then make up your mind. Be sure that the skin creators you love offer support for your chosen parts too – I’ve read too many sad stories of people buying the bits only to find their fave skinners are not willing or able to offer support. I think my fave part of the Maitreya/LeLutka combo is that their very base huds each contain ten Glam Affair skin tones so you’re already good to go right out of the box if you’re not settled on a specific skin yet – serious bang for your buck right there..

    If you’re still not sure – wait. Let all of the demos you’ve tried on sink into your head and pay attention to the ones that haunt you and why. When/if you make that investment – you want it to be for all of the right reasons, not on some crazy impulse.

    Good luck! And may the mesh be with you ;-)

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      Ever Afterr responded:
      June 12, 2015 at 8:58 pm

      You’re amazing, Shae! I love reading all your thoughts on meshy bits, thank you so much for taking the time!

      I bought the Maitreya demo, and I while I’m tempted to pick up the Slink demo as well, I really love that the Lara body comes with the hands + feet in 3 poses, so it’s all-inclusive and seamless. At L$2750, that seems to make Lara the best bang for the buck. Had I invested heavily in Slink parts and compatible-shoes, I’d probably give that a second thought, but for someone who wants an out-of-the-box option with all the basics and a creator whose known for longevity in SL and frequent improvements/updates, I feel pretty confident going with Maitreya.

      *Only* thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the shoes issue (Raznay mentioned that some Slink-compatible shoes will work with Maitreya feet, but not all) so I need to see what’s out there first. I feel some MP browsing in my immediate future!

      Thank you for all your thoughts, Shae! I’m so glad to hear that you love the Lara body and that it’s been working really well for you. May the mesh be with you too! <3

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    winniefredresident1 said:
    June 13, 2015 at 10:56 am

    I am so tempted to dabble, but when I dance….many people still have issues seeing mesh on a laggy sim and some of my friends see headless bodies or floating heads or handless, footless horsemen of the apocalypse. Choreographing a dance and building a set takes an awful lot of time and I’m worried that I’d be doing an ichabod crane impersonation instead of people being able to enjoy the whole effect. For now, I’m going to be a big old chicken *makes clucking noises*


      Ever Afterr responded:
      June 13, 2015 at 1:38 pm

      Awww, you’re not a big old chicken, Winnie – your concerns make perfect sense! Before I figured out my bandwidth issue (I had to tweak the Debug Settings to override the 3000 bandwidth limiter in Preferences), I was having lots of mesh visibility issues, so I understand what you’re speaking of completely. I was also clearing my cache way too frequently, so cutting back on that to maybe once every 2 weeks or so seems to have really helped.

      But you’re totally right: when things are lagging, mesh body parts and clothing seem to have achingly slow rez times, so you inadvertently see a lot of missing or unclothed bits and bobs. Quite a strange sight! SL’s performing artists and entertainers are wise to keep their script counts down and do all that they can to reduce lag. If only everyone *attending* your shows was as thoughtful! :)

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    Vixxie Vultee said:
    June 13, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    i really cannot sl-live anymore without my mesh body parts. once you start wearing them frequently, it’s so hard to go back to the default.. you can’t unsee all the jagginess of the base avatar mesh!

    i own both the slink physique and the maitreya lara bodies, and i love them both for different reasons. but, if you’re worried about shoes.. several stores have been doing both slink and maitreya sizes to fit. reign, hucci, friday, livalle all do, and of course maitreya does as well.. there are a few ‘updated’ versions of shoes that have fits for both slink and the lara feet!

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      Ever Afterr responded:
      June 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm

      Thank you so much for commenting, Vixxie! I love getting opinions and insights; mesh is quite so new and foreign to me, but WOW does it look impressive in-world!

      That’s so great to know about the shoes! It seems like Maitreya’s body is so popular that many designers will be making Lara-compatibles, so lack of choice will really be a non-issue. I might try the Slink just for comparison’s sake, but I love that with Lara I wouldn’t have to buy the extra hands or feet. And then I saw the Banned DEA body on another blog, and that started looking mighty appealing too. Decisions, decisions. But how awesome it is to have so many great brands, designers and options to choose from!


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